Need help against neutral jumps

Hi, sorry if this was asked in the FAQ or any stickys but I haven’t found much answers about this. However, I notice that as an Abel player, my weakness is going against neutral jump attacks on wakeup. I have not tried this but is it always safe to do falling sky on wakeup, if you know your opponent is going to neutral jump? How bout the marseille roll? Is that always safe? What other options can I do in this situation?

neutral jump also kicks my ass because it always beat a wake up throw.

yes and yes.
Abel has an insane amount of options vs neutral jumps

@ Chup:

Nope, you’re wrong.

EX FS (Reg FS on Empty NJ’s)
c.FP (Free Juggle)

those are pretty good

meaty F+mk is great if you think they will neutral jump. also grab(miss) followed by a reaction EX FS will catch them as they’re falling.

if they like to neutral jump during your block string, a F+MK will catch them grounded after a blocked c.lp for a full free combo but the timing is tight

Let’s not forget about dashing through them. Anticipation dash forward is great for positioning or getting a full combo.

I use s.FP or a roll, mostly, and that’s just on reaction. If you expect it’s coming (Some players are neutral jump happy) try and get a c.Fp in there (2nd hit of course), dash forward into a Falling Sky.

I wouldn’t suggest Falling Sky against a neutral jump though… it might work sometimes, but you’ll mostly get stuffed.

To me, there are only 3 options.

If they’re high when you wake up, s. FP.

If they’re slightly lower, block.

If they’re really low, you can try to EX TT.

Breathless also works, depending. EX Roll is good when they’re too low to Fierce them, but not so low that they can easily throw you out of the roll on landing, if you’re just trying to get out.