Need help against offensive shoto's

Like for example what can I do with guile if a lets say ryu plays superoffensive and is not missing any move, giving me blockstrings for ages, tickthrows (which i mostly can tech) and crossups, i cant really get out of the crossup, so all i do now is block :wtf:
this ofcourse is just an example, i really really need to upgrade my playstyle against offensive playing shoto’s in general, any help is appreciated

In some cases, when their crossups (if after block string) are predictable, you can always air throw them.

i read this on the capcom unity forums. anyone ready for a laugh?:

Not one single character has an extra hard time beating Ryu. There’s are no characters he shuts down or dominates. He’s not the “go-to counterpick” against any particular character. all his matchups are pretty even. - by Onion Slice. LOL

mate i dont know if you want to have a laugh at me or something but im new to guile and just would like some options i could use vs offensive players thats all

someone didn’t get the sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:

Techign throws is your biggest problem, so if you’ve got that down the only other thing is patience. Is they use that crouching mk into fireball too much then flashkick them out of it. If they get too predictable with crossups airthrow them out of it. If they are outside of your crouching mk range then bait them to jump by feinting jabs, then crouch fierce them. On wakeup or after following your booms you can bait SRK by throwing a quick cr mp then punishing. If they walkup to try and throw you then give them a couple of back fierces

If you dont want to have to block and you’re sure they might cross you up you could go for a forwards sobat

watch this it should help