Need help against Rose

My Adon is atm around 3400pp and i have major problem against good Rose’s and whatever i do it doenst seem work against Rose, it feels like she is in favor in every aspect of the game.

Any advice would be nice, please.

I hate the bitch.

Um I got some pointers take em with a grain of slat tho

-Stay in her face with Jagga kicks and block strings
-She works best with her footsies so… watch ya feet and block low

  • Some of her moves are not a safe as they seem
    -Do not play her game
    -Try not to let her get the life lead at all cause that shit is honestly a one sided fist fight if the rose is good specially if they have u2
    -Try not to be predictable

ALWAYS stay in her face. She rules everything outside of that range.

If she has U1, don’t wall dive, and Jagga Kick very sparingly.

Rose’ offense is pretty one-dimensional. Do what the others said about blocking low because she doesn’t have an overhead(unless you see her jump) and always be ready to tech her throws. Block low and use the option select throw tech in short. Mainly watch for her when her hand glows purple. If it hits or even if you block it, watch for her to follow up with a soul spiral. Its safe as hell with right spacing.

I’m lucky to have a couple of good Rose players for friends, this matchup is a lot of fun imo.

  • absolutely use U1
  • MK jag kick is the only version that can go over her fireballs*, and is arguably your best weapon in this match. Stand outside her footsie range, wait for a fireball and use it to get in.
  • Never use jaguar tooth, her fireballs are so slow that you’ll always eat them coming down.
  • I’ve found it helps to play your footsie game a little farther out than you usually would, as well. It’s easy to get Rose to walk right into your foot.

*I think HK jag kick can as well, but the arc is so tight and the horizontal range is so short that it’s just too difficult and rarely (probably never) worth the effort

I played Rose in Vanilla and in the beginning of Super I’ll write more later but good information here.

Just to add
-EX-Rising Jaguar beats her U2
-Jaguar Tooth is usually a gamble (prediction). I have used it once or twice to to get her throw her super early but other than that jt should be used with caution.

Rose is a tough match up in Super, but for alot of the cast, what made her top tier in Super is gone in AE namely the get out of jail free card U2, now has recovery. Although even with the U2 nerf, U1 is still something Adon’s need to watch out for. I think it’s 5/5 in Super soon to be 6/4 in AE for Adon.

Rose’s strength lies within her strong footsies game, she has some of the best pokes around and a great anti air. Her weak point is defense, which was greatly improved uponwith Soul Satellite. AE will change that, no more free anything for Rose in that game. The general strategy for this match up is to get her to play defense. Easier said than done. Although Rose has a good footsies game, Adon has some notable pokes as well., are good pokes for Rose to try to counter poke. Once she sticks out a limbs, you can start rushing down with AI JK’s to negate her footsies. She has a horrible time dealing with TK-JK outside of the typical focus, and then you can mix it up with grounded JK’s. Rose does not do damage, her best punish just around 300 and burns meter (without U2).

One of Rose’s best traits is her pressure game, it’s some what like Adon’s except with JK’s she has drills. Unlike JK’s, you can punish (on block) an incorrectly spaced drill, get in the lab and learn what the spaces are (her LK drill has the most recovery, and travels the least, while HK drill has the least amount of recovery and travels the furthest). Like a JK it’s easily neutral jumped, her only answer to that is Soul Throw, and that’s not even good. But blockstrings are hell, it’s such a good poke. If Rose jumps at you during wake up, (in Super) you can dash under it easily, her jump is very floaty. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could do this in AE as well even if Adon’s wake up is slower, his forward dash is still great.

Also important to keep in mind is that Rose doesn’t have very good frame traps, but most have a tendency to throw a lot, so get ready to tech. 70% of the time after a slide, a Rose will try to throw, 30% of the time backdash.

Most people use U2 in this match up because it’s the universal ultra, but U1 is also good with players with good reactions because all of Adon’s moves are punished with it.

Rose’s best pokes are (slide)

Her best anti airs are

I personally go U1 in this match up, but it depends on what kind of Rose your playing and what you feel comfortable with, but she has one of the worst recovering fireballs in the game, you don’t even need to step up your reactions.

I hope that helps, I used to play a lot of Rose back when I just got the game, and I still play her from time to time.

Thank you BshidoHEAT and all the others for taking your time and posting a great advices and tips, much appreciated.

The guys gave you a ton of good advice up there i’ll throw my 2 cents in. i have a pretty good rose in my area HK jagga kick is pretty vital in this fight. not IAJK…just the regular grounded one. a lot of Rose’s pokes move her forward especially that damn slide HK jagga will put a stop to that. I see a lot of suggestions for U1…i can understand why but any decent rose isn’t going to throw a fireball after you get the ultra…yeah the threat is great but whats the fun of having a nuke if you never get to fire it? ex.jagga tooth will punish her fireballs just fine. not to mention hitting her with that into u2 when she’s locked in the corner. Rose’s reversal options are terrible. Most of them will back dash if you can train yourself to OS or react to the back dash you can usually land a lk RJ or a lk JK. don’t challenge her in the air…soul throw, u2, cr.hp are too good. she can also slide your jump ins to duck her hittable box. also walking towards her and blocking is an underrated strategy a lot of her moves need very good spacing if you smother that range it makes punishing things a lot easier.