Need help against Vega



Generally most of the time when i play against with anyone else i dont have a problem fighting them. When i play against vega i dont really know what to do or watch out for most of the time besides his super and his wall dive. So i have to idea what to do when im fighting against any vega player any suggestions for a adon player?


i’m having trouble here also. the typical cross up>>c.lp>m.rj doesn’t not hit vega for some reason.


Will post some info In the matchup thread. I play alot of vegas.


Against wall dive: Throw out JagTooth to screw up his jump arc. Also, his overhead slash is focusable. I keep moving. Don’t let Vega dictate the pace, you need to be really active.

If he’s in range, you can catch the end of his backflip-evade with grounded LK JK or an EX tooth.

Essentially, Vega likes moving around his opponent and confusing them. Adon can counter this really well with AJK and JT. It’s been working for me.


ok i have played nick t vegas and here are some tips

1 if vega has U2 DO NOT do any jaga tooth all of them will be a free U2.
2 vega can also stuff jaga tooth with his S.Mk it wont trade at all.
3 vega can also Air grab u from and JK OR a AJK. so u cant spam that all the time
4 his S.Mp and his S.Mk are his poking tools in this match sometime it will trade but he will get the less trade dmg.

Good thing to do to vega.
1 u can stuff his wall dive with Jump back HP or MP. it will count as a counter for both. ( only will work for the dive claw not the dive grab)
2 once u get a Knockdown w/o a quick up u have three option.

  1. if he does his back flip u can either dash then grab or dash St.Hk
  2. if he tries to do his ex flash kick or reg flash kick u can totally stuff both with a Jump in LK.
  3. if he tries to go for a wall dive u can jaga tooth the same way and u will hit the wall first so that will be a free hit coming down then u can do mix ups or anything else.


I main both Adon and Vega, this is a hard match for Vega but you’ve got to play smart.
Vega is best at keeping people at range, but Adon has all the tools to get in that range. IAJK are great here as he can’t really do anything about rush down. The only thing to watch out for is his U2, so don’t Jaguar Kick recklessly.

Vega also has the 2nd best kara throw in the game, so you have to be aggressive in this game. One thing also is that Vega has the 2nd best airthrow, and can nab you right out of a midair jaguar kick. (check out my vid here: [media=youtube]BF7WWO5_FnM[/media]).

Also note that Vega can’t safe jump you, if he does, free hk.rj

What it comes down to is, not running into Vega’s pokes so much (his combos hurt). And staying on that ass (Vega has no wake up game he is forced to block). He has some gimmicks like cartwheel, but that’s easily punishable.


fun fact: everything, except grabbbing, beats beats Scarlet Terror


why do people who have an advantage against the freeest of character always gets his own thread?

But seriously Jaguar Kick more. jump more, react more. Vega is a bad match up for Adon when you play like Gamerbee.