[Need Help!] Assembled fight stick - joystick problems


I recently got around to assembling my very first stick! sanwa buttons and a hori hayabusa stick with a zero delay PCB.
I plan to use this stick primarily on my PC.
I connected everything up, connected it to my PC - it was recognized as a “generic usb joystick” which seemed alright, but then when I go to calibrate it and check if I wired everything the right way, I found that the joystick will only register two directional inputs and nothing in between them.
The “dot” will move directly from the center to the far right side of the test area, or to the very bottom center, but no actual free movement in between and it won’t register any other directions.
I am very new to all of this and unsure if it’s a problem with one of the parts, or something I might have done wrong with assembling it.
Hoping there is some solution, any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


check your connectors and your solder points first
make sure they’re connected properly and are in the right position/orientation
if you’re still having problems afterwards, take a picture of the connections between the PCB, your harness and the joystick so we can see the work on it and if there may be a problem



Flip the 5 pin connection attached to the joystick upside down. Also, it’s supposed to go from zero to a full direction, all the microswitches operate as on/off, none of those parts output analog.



Definitely sounds like the joystick is wired wrong. Harness is plugged in wrong/ground is in wrong place.


This is a joystick harness problem.

Flip it upside down where it’s attached to the joystick, if you’re still having problems then you’ll need to slip out some of the harness pins on one end and rearrange them in the correct order.


gahrling and Camacho got it right

99.99% of the time that is the issue.


I thought he said very bottom center which would equate to a down input and to the far right resulting in a right input.
That would mean he would be having 2 inputs rather than only 1. Only having 2 active analog inputs results from 3 items, a bad pcb, a bad microswitch or a bad connection between the two.


True, if 2 directions are registering there’s something else wrong- still better to flip the harness first in case he’s mistaken, it’s a quick and easy thing to test.


Right, first let me say thank you so much for all your comments everyone!
I took the advice many of you gave me and went over all the connections and indeed some of the connections for the harness were a bit loose.
After fixing that I also tried flipping the harness over and… it works!
As for the “going from zero to a full direction” - yeah, silly of me to think otherwise!
The double input per direction was actually an issue with how I set up X360ce; after fiddling around in that for a while I managed to sort it out and it’s working perfectly now, couldn’t be happier!
Now I just need to finish up the cosmetic stuff and get it looking decent and I’ll be done! will make sure to post some pictures when the project is finished.
Thanks again everyone, you were all a huge help!


Lol bro had the same problem 2 days ago! Didn’t know that more people have mistaken with that one