Need help attaching a Seimitsu LS-32-02 to a Mayflash PCB

The PCB model is MF-PC042AN-02, which I cannot find any info on whether or not it is common ground or non-common ground.

The joystick has not been altered at all, except for wires being soldered on.

Whenever I load up a game or anything it will not detect any input

Could I just have the grounding wire and directional wire backwards, or do i need to sever the grounding circuit of the joystick?

Here is how the micros are connected to the pcb (ignore the direction being improper, and that its only one; all of them are wired identically)

Here is a close up of the pcb if you need it

And if need be here is the same connection on the joystick but on the other side.

Hi there! I just got my stick this afternoon, have cracked it open and I find I have the same board as you. This seems to be the only result on Google when quoting that PCB number! Don’t suppose you ever found out whether or not it’s common ground did you?

I looked at the back side of the board and it strangely seemed like the terminals for the RED wires were chained together!

Which mayflash stick is this? I doubt too many people will be able to identify it based on the PCB part number.

It’s listed as pc/ps2/ps3 compatible… Model number is PC-042
And on their site:

This should be helpful: Modding a Mayflash stick (finished! 1/18/2009)

It has indeed been helpful, thanks! … As have the many other Mayflash related modding threads and videos of folks tearing apart the stick etc. But this is probably the latest reference I could find to modding the Mayflash, and specifically with this different/newer PCB in mind, the only others I’ve seen reference the difference between the 2007 common ground and 2009 non-common ground boards.

Thinking about it (and having noticed a few other sites mentioning that Mayflash don’t necessarily colour code their wires as you might expect, black to ground etc.) the 4 red wires grouped on the same PCB track must surely be a common ground, and therefore I’m thinking Mayflash have gone back to using that for this PCB!

Should make it a little easier now for people wanting to drop in a JLF :smiley:

I put together a little album of my findings so far. Looks trivial to attach a common ground stick and split the button ribbon cable into a terminal strip! :slight_smile: Happy days.

Sorry to necro this post but this is the only thread that came up when googling my board.

I am about to mod my own Mayflash and have this same board. The ribbon on the PCB threw me for a loop. How do I deal with that? And can I actually use the joystick harness or do I have to solder on the individual microswitches? This is my first mod and I thought I had it after watching a guide but the board in the video didn’t have this ribbon cord.

Thanks in advance!