Need help beating comp in ST

and by comp, i mean the computer and not competition (and this being 8 star setting or default arcade)

i almost feel like i am fighting a losing battle, getting random specials beat out by well placed normals, constant super footsies with perfect distancing to avoid my attacks and quickly hit back

the cpu feels like it was programmed by boon and tobias, since the psychic everything i do

i hear i have to pick vega to beat it, but i am trying to do it with gief… and whenever i see cammy, my balls shrivel up and i turn off the game

do i basically have to turtle all game, since jump-ins will always be knocked by AAs? but then computer will just walk up to me and give me a random charge move aka flash kick/headbutt or just throw me

oh lord please help me…

If you turtle, you’ll die. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Play Jap ST :smiley: (and not Zangief either)

The CPU will usually throw out the normal that beats you every time if you attempt footsies. No damage is going to come out of those. Your best bets are anti-air unfortunately.

  1. vs. Ryu: Give him his space in the beginning of the round, he’ll almost invariably walk back and throw a fierce fireball, at which point you can jump and hit him in the face.
  2. vs. T. Hawk: Anti-air his 3P, he does it almost every time he jumps.
  3. vs. Chun Li: Has a habit of jumping at you off-the-wall after throwing a few Kikoukens. Anti-air
  4. vs. DeeJay: If Ryu, roundhouse hurricane kick hits him almost all the time from about mid distance. He’ll crouch under it and get hit after its over him.
  5. vs. Dhalsim: Best oppurtunity for guaranteed damage is after he teleports, which he does often if you throw projectiles at him, and sometimes if you’re far enough when he does Yoga Fire.
  6. vs. Blanka: You’re fucked, sorry
  7. vs. Zangief: Funnily enough, you can beat him a lot by just holding up-back and throwing a RH. at him when he gets close. He rarely throws the correct normal to beat it out. This is with shotos, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it works with other characters.
  8. vs. Guile: Anti-air is the best bet, as always. He won’t turtle behind Sonic Boom forever. The CPU is wont to jump after a few projectiles, especially if you throw your own.
  9. vs. Fei Long: Turtle in the corner, he’ll jump at you eventually. Fei also seems to be easier to throw for some reason.
  10. vs. Ken: Loves to cross you up, so beware. Throws easily punishable fierce shoryukens every now and then so watch out for those. Especially on wakeup.
  11. vs. Cammy: If you’re in the corner, its a little hard to resist throwing out a normal. Don’t. If you can anti-air her when she jumps, good. If you can’t, she’ll eventually do a badly spaced Cannon Drill which you can block and punish. Sometimes she’ll do Hooligan Roll instead, so don’t get grabbed.
  12. vs. Honda: He hasn’t ever given me problems tbh, as long as you have a fireball.

That’s about all I know. Maybe there’s some secret workaround to the CPU I haven’t been able to find, but the above pretty much worked for me. Once again do not try normals. You’ll get beat out almost every time, plus with the crazy damage the CPU does, you can’t really afford to take even a few hits.

you are

ST ai is beyond smart

Yeah, play SSF2X, it’s a tiny bit easier than SSF2T…

Well, actually the AI is kinda shitty, it just responds to your inputs instantly and does charge moves without charging. Every character has some sorta pattern you can use to beat it. Of course on the highest level the computer does mega damage while you still do “normal” damage. My recommendation is not to play the CPU, as it really does nothing for your VS game. Maybe the CPU will be more fun to play in HD-remix? Who knows…


Plug a controller into the P2 side. Pick a character with that side and beat them, continue until Bison is all that’s left, then you have only one character to beat.

Do it in one try and you’ll get an Akuma fight as well.

Sometimes, playing to win means cheating like hell. Especially because the difficulty of the AI in ST is set to ‘Wizard’.

this thread has done wonders for my self esteem.

In fact, I think it can be really useful in some aspects. For exaple, I’ve improved my chicken wing trap execution a lot by playing the CPU because if you don’t do it flawlessly you WILL get punished. I did a savestate against gief and just tried the trap against him over and over; if you fuck up, you’ll always get pile drived.

Yeah, for mindgames and strategy the CPU obviously doesn’t help, but I find such an unforgiving AI very useful to improve execution.

i agree with that
it also has helped my reflexes and stopped me from being too jump happy

it still gives me headaches though

Coming from a small town with very few fellow players, I can say with certainty that–of all other titles I’ve ever touched–ST’s computer AI was by far the most useful in helping me learn any semblance of strategic understanding without having access to real opponents.

there are some things human players fall for but the cpu don’t.

mainly throw setups. i mean in ST there are so many options and mixups after a tick to keep the human player guessing but the cpu will predict and beat you all the time. you don’t want to develop habits playing the cpu against a human player. it just won’t work. use the cpu as practice for execution. i suggest getting on ggpo and practice the mindgames, mixups and throw setups against human players.

I’ve seen this thead before, haven’t I?

I’ve practiced T.Hawk’s throw loop against the CPU, mainly because they will counter tick throw me everytime if I get too close, so it’s all about that perfect distance and timing.

And i thought i just flat out sucked at ST.

CPU controlled T. Hawk is the bane of my existence.

On the DC version, if you set it to the earliest dip switch then the game gets much easier. I think it gives the CPU Super Street Fighter 2 level AI. The Anniversary Edition version is also way easier from what I remember.

Yeah, I’ve heard it’s ideal for practicing safe jump-ins: if you’re too late it will do a reversal and if you’re too early it throws you. As already mentioned, it’s great for polishing execution and it makes a half-decent combo dummy too.

Calling it “AI” is actually being too generous and probably technically a misnomer. My understanding is that it has a % chance to put out the most ideal counter to your move on the frame immediately after you’ve done something. It randomly throws out other stuff as well. Even though it’s not very feasible to precisely lock onto reliable and consistent loopholes and exploits, the computer’s actions are very condition-response with a bit of spontaneity and the occasional mistake thrown in for good measure. It also outright cheats from time to time, doing a few things that are literally (game system mechanic-wise and not physical difficulty of execution) impossible for a human to do. I read somewhere that Viscant, a very strong tournament player, says he usually can’t make it all the way through single-player in one credit (probably excluding Akuma).

Despite all of this however, the better a player you are, the better you will do against the computer. Even though it’s not the perfect learning tool, if you want to really start seeing dramatic improvement in your playing, geek out 100% and jot down notes of why you think you lost to the CPU each time you do, and what you think you should be doing to prevent this. Be sure to also note why you won when you do. Make them as brief or as long as you think your dignity can handle. Aside from learning basic tactics and counters and offense/defense matchup possibilities (which are the building blocks of strategy), you’ll also teach yourself situational perception and good, fast thinking (which are critical to being a good player). It won’t directly build good dynamic decision-making but you’ll indirectly begin to understand which choices would probably be good or bad against a real person.

Be sure to hide these nerd-notes from everyone else in your life if you care about having sex ever again, by the way; put them somewhere where, if you died overnight, nobody will ever find them and discover the horrible truth about how much of a loser you were. Sometimes I have nightmares about my family and friends passing mine around to each other at my funeral and laughing about them. “Hahah, and here’s a list of characters whose fireballs will pass under a hurricane kick! What a chump that guy was!!”

Truth is though–if your computer is less than four years old–you will improve faster and just plain have more fun on GGPO. (And of course snatch up any and every opportunity to play with others in-person!) Without other humans, you’ll never realize how useful good mixups are and never experience the joys of trying to outsmart another living, breathing person. Trying to think one step ahead of your opponent is when fighting games step above being a great passtime and become a full-blown, life-crippling addiction. :smile:

ST computer reads inputs MK-style, so there’s no way you can fight it “properly” and win.
ALL the CPU AIs get ruined by safe jumping besides Blanka and Ken though. They’ll either try to DP which gives you a chance to punish or they’ll just block and let you tick throw them to death.

ST has zero AI… It learns nothing from the way you play. As stated above it just responds instantly to inputs and sometimes doing things that are impossible/against rules of the game.

MK II makes me cry, and I still can’t get past the 5th stage on hard.

I usually play through arcade mode on medium before I go online for competition, I try to avoid T.Hawk and Zangief as much as possible (I’m O.Hawk). I’m under the influence that O.Hawk despite being a low tier character has a much easier time vs. the CPU, since his command throw cannot be punished. Just get in the perfect range for j.jab (blocked or barely hits opponent) d/b, strong, fierce, 360, d/b and release buttons, rinse and repeat. This works against all, except Hawk and Gief (they can counter tick throw) I’ve even beat Akuma with corner safe-jumps, it took many retries to set him up, but I finally took him out.

Ken and Blanka has reversal attacks that hit instantly so safejumps vs. them usually fuck up ;__;