Need help beating Q with Ryu and Ken

I need help with beating Q with these two characters. I can beat Q if he doesnt taunt, because the match is over in a mili second. But once Q gets those taunts in. I cant beat Q. Because any Q player who taunts TURTLES. I honestly dont know how to stop that shit when I’m Ryu or Ken. When Im Ibuki Q is a cakewalk. Not only is Q turtling he is taking FOREVER to die. I know Ken can double srk Q without Kara virtually anywhere on the screeen but not even that is enough.

I need tips with Ryu and Ken on how to:
Stop Q from getting those taunts
Stop Q from sitting around incase he gets those taunts
Punishing Dash punch and EX scratches on block. There’s no way in hell that shit is safe on block.
How to pressure Q players
Anything else that is deemed necessary.

Doesn’t an hadouken actually give them what they want? Once they taunted, interrupted or not, I thought they get the defense boost. A taunt is far worth the small hadouken damage.

What they want to avoid is bigger combos when taunting. I’m somewhat of a scrub in actual game experience so I can’t say much. Q’s greatly lacking in good options but he is NOT lacking in punishment.

From a logical point I’d just say, try to apply pressure, but don’t take stupid risk. A Q is supposed to struggle to create opportunity.

I don’t actually have character specific stuff to say though. Far not experienced enough to say anything here.

i always assumed a interruputed taunt does not get the boost and its meant to buy time so you can close in if there far away.

As long as the screen shakes Q’s got the boost.

hmm that sux. What exactly did he do to keep the range? my best advice is to parry and punish accordingly but the most damageing block combo after ex scratch i listed above.

ask that question in the ryu and ken forums lol

were here to talk about how to whoop some ass with Q!!!

u quoted the wrong guy

opps lol it was late:zzz:

Stop taunts:

  1. Don’t ever give a fullscreen of space
  2. And if you don’t rush, at least stay close enough to punish.

In my matches against Tenren’s Ibuki, he never lets me get more then 1/4th screen away from him. And if i do slip in a taunt, he’s punishing with ibuki’s most damaging combo, which usually keeps me from taunting in the future lol

Basically, against top punishing/ decent pressure, I’m too scared to taunt as it’s never worth the risk.

^ Thanks, most useful post in this thread.

Also, in terms of dash punches, the normal ones are all safe on block. The exceptions are the EX version, and a very very badly placed fierce dash punch, which you can only reversal super with perfect timing.