Need help building a crew


Okay, so I’ve basically just started playing UMVC3 yesterday. The hype was just too much to contain any longer. I spent an entire night just screwing around with the characters to find who I liked. My problem is, that as a total rookie, I have no idea what an optimal team would be for the characters I like. Made difficult by my lack of experience/knowledge and the fact that my choices aren’t that great(?). These characters are: Ryu(Love him in this game), Viper, Strider, Hsien-Ko, and Iron Fist… With a secondary interest in Chris, She-Hulk, Felecia, and Chun. Those are the only characters I am willing to learn and I’d appreciate it if you guys would give me some guidance as to who I should pair up in teams(Should I have at least 2) and what they’re good assists are.

And please, although I appreciate ALL of the advice I get on here, don’t suggest that I play “better” characters like Doom or Vergil. I cannot express properly how much I donotwant in regards to playing some of the higher-end characters!


hmm Viper/Hsien-ko Strider could be pretty solid imo I do feel you should play a high tier or top tier character like doom,vergil or maybe zero but its up to you.


Viper/Strider, Felicia/Strider, and Chris/Strider are all great, and they’re all even better with Doom. My philosophy for designing a team in this game is to take one or two characters you like and give them one character that makes them work better even if you dislike them. Trust me, don’t limit yourself by thinking, just because everyone’s playing a certain character that it won’t be fun. It’s not all about originality.

Also I recommend taking this to the UMvC3 forum team building thread, there are a lot of helpful people there who don’t read this board too much.


Chirs/Viper/Strider(Vajra) and Felecia/Viper/Strider(Vajra) aren’t bad at all. If the only characters in the game were the ones you listed, I would play one of these.