Need help building team(s) from these characters


I’ve recently been getting into umvc3 along with my friends and I’ve been unable to form a solid team from the characters I want to learn and enjoy playing, so if anyone on the forums could give me some ideas it would be greatly appreciated

characters i like: captain AMERICUH, x-23, strider, dante, ammy, arthur, hulk, deadpool, dormy, nova

thanks in advance!


The three guys you would want to use must have what they call “synergy” something that makes the three guys work as a whole TEAM and has a high chance of winning


Look at the assists, which one do you really like and which assists benefit certain characters or your playstyle in general. For the anchor you should play a character that can stand on his own, who isn’t reliant on assists to work/get in/keep out.
Go into training mode and see if they work together.


Capp first then dante then hulk. Assist are a a a lol simple . Hulk for otg’ing in the corner combine sheild slash with dantes assist the charging star hvy into charging start super. Good strater team

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