Need Help Burning .CDI

I recently received a bunch of um… “files” from a “friend” and they are in .CDI format. Whenever I use the recommended .CDI burning program, which we shall codename “DiscJuggler”, my “files” are never read properly on my generic Sega Product from the early 21st century. (which I won’t name, in order to remain vague, as not to have the SRK police all over this.)

This is what I’m doing:

  1. “finding” the .Zip or .Rar files.
  2. Downloading said files.
  3. Extracting a series of files with settings “extract and update”.
  • Step 3 forms a .CDI file.
  1. Open “Discjuggler”
  2. Place CD in drive
  3. Select my new .CDI as the source for burning.
  4. Burn .CDI to disc.
  5. Try running disc in my system.

Usually, the disc will not work. I have a bunch of .CDI’s and so far, only one of them has ever worked.

Now, I have this “Justice Project” where I go out to “Mark Wolves” but I just can’t seem to “Street Fighter: Double Impact” them right.

I have also tried:
Converting to a Nero format and burning that way, and It still won’t work.

Any help would be cool.

PM’s would be cool too, because I dunno what’s going to happen to this thread, if anything at all.

I’ve tried the online tutorials, but so far none of them have helped.


I use alcohol 120% to burn CDI files.

Also, some Sega Dreamcasts do not read CDRs. After a certain manufacturing date I believe.

K, I have Alcohol also, just haven’t tried it yet. THanks for the help Albert.

I tried dickjuggler before, I didn’t like it. Alcohol 120% FTW, YES HOMO!

Padus Discjuggler has never failed me.

Sometimes the CDI’s are no good as far as I can tell. I have a 3S and a MvC1 but they just crash the program. Hit me up on aim or PM.

Actually, I ran it through alcohol and so far, everything has worked great. Just beat Garou 3 times. :clap: Burning Project Justice right now. Thanks Guys.

another thing to consider is burn speed. keep it as slow as possible - otherwise you might get a sector of bad data. my drive/media won’t burn slower than 12x, but i have heard other people recommend 4x.

selecting a write speed of “12x” has never yielded a bad disc - however using “max” speed has. just fyi.

Good info. thanks.

Also, I just “found” SF3: Double Impact. It’s not in cdi format though, its in .bin. Anyone ever deal with somehting like this?

You should be able to burn .bin in nero.

and will it run self-boot on a DC?