Need help Buying a PC

Hello to all. Im new here and pretty much new to PCs in general. My fiancee just bought me a new PC.

The thing is, I can return it and get this one for $100 more

Why these? Well because she got this from Sams and she gets a year to pay it off, no interest. So can anyone help me out, is the second one worth it for the extra 100.

Also they told her that Athlon is better for gaming than intel, is this true? And can anyone tell me whats the diff between Athlon and Athlon Live. Thanks

As far as your first question, it depends on what you want to do with it. You get a slightly faster processor and a larger hard drive for the 100 bucks. The thing is, If you want this to be a PC gaming system, both have a total shit tier video card. You would get more performance out of the new system by putting the $100 to a vid card that doesn’t suck, like a 7000/8000 series geforce.

Athlon’s aren’t better for gaming than intels. There was a period when Athlons game better price to performance than intel, but I don’t believe that is really true in this current generation.

Honestly, if you have the option, I would consider outright returning the system and looking around more for a different deal. HP computers are notorious for having issues and being difficult to upgrade due to proprietary hardware.