Need help buying a stick

Should i buy the HRAP3 or the Tournament Edition? I live in NYC and here is a video game store downtown called Newyorkvideogames they got the HRAP3 for 109 bucks which i think is a good price and amazon go the TE for 150. So help me out. Which one should i get?. I don’t mind waiting for shipments and stuff (ordering from amazon)

Thank you in advance. Oh and Videogamesnewyork got the TE for 200 dollars. I dont know why.

go TE

Go with the TE. The HRAP3 has a sanwa jlf with hori buttons whereas the TE has all sanwa parts.

I would say TE as well…BUT…do you plan on playing any PS2 games? well can you on your PS3?

Yea man i play ps2 fighting games. I still play Capcom vs Snk 2, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. Yeah my Ps3 can play PS2.

Depends if you can use HRAP on the PS3 (never had one). If you can then I’d go with the HRAP.

HRAP $109 + $24 Sanwa buttons = $133

If you’re gonna go TE, don’t pay $150… has it for $130 + free shipping:

360 Version:

Ps3 Version: also has them cheaper, free shipping:



Yeah. Get it from Even though the shipping takes about seven days, if you live in California that time is cut by like 1/3. Also don’t forget to look for coupons. I got my TE for $119 + tax.

go to arcadshock and get the hrap sa backwards compatiability and all sanwa

Hi, my name is Stanley and i can offer you a choice on buying a arcade stick. I make custom sticks and if you’re interested in taking a look, contact me and i can show you pics. and videos of my sticks. Thank you for your time.


I reckon all Sanwa parts sounds like the best thing. My HRAP’s Hori buttons just don’t feel as nice & responsive as the Sanwa buttons.

Then get the HRAP3 and change the buttons. The PS3 TE doesn’t work with PS2 games on PS3.