Need help buying parts

i have bought the Madcatz SE and i want to mod it with sanwa buttons and a octagonal restrictor plate. i just want to know what kind of sanwa buttons fits in the SE. i also like to know if anyone know a EU site that sells arcade parts.

thanks in advance.


Lizard Lick ships to the UK and it will probs be cheaper than gremlinsolutions or I just bought an octagonal gate, bat top and 2 springs from, when i priced it up on lizardlick it was cheaper (but i’d already ordered my parts)

wow fast reply, thanks alot guys.

No problem, this forum’s helped me so much it’s nice to give something back.

There’s a 3 week delay on orders from lizard lick (and then add US shipping time) so if you want them within 4-5 weeks then I’d recommend gremlinsolutions or arcadeshop.

also would this work on the SE joystick ?

It’s all in the link I gave you:

Basically, yes. Although I recommend replacing the joystick with a JLF as well.

i’ll first try to replace the buttons and the restrictor plate if i can do that and not destroy my arcade stick then i might try to replace the joystick too. ill do 1 step at the time, since i’m a noob :stuck_out_tongue:

The joystick is easier than the buttons (4 screws and 1 connector, rather than 16 connectors, sleeves and fiddly buttons that don’t want to go in), and is the weakest part of the SE imo.

You may as well do it all in one go, it’s very easy and so hard to mess up, just follow my guide and ignore the bit about the mounting plate :slight_smile:

I would go with Gremlin. I’ve used them before and they’ve been fine. They were really helpful when I made a mistake in my order and I even got a free gift (was when they were hugely back ordered).

Lizard Lick may work out slightly cheaper, but you may also end up paying import tax depending where your from. I live in the UK and they slap import tax on near enough anything coming from outside the EU.