Need help changing Art on TE Stick

I want to change the art on my Stick but i want to do it myself*very-image-heavy*-194493/

That is the thread where i get the template from right? Not sure because everything always gets updated/old

Is it just a simple case of photoshoping images on the template and designing it all?
What material does it need to get printed on etc

you can use the templates found on that thread. it really is just a simple photoshop job. i know you can print it out at kinkos and use some of their thick cardboard type material. i dont quite remember what its called specifically but i remember paying like 4 dollars when i printed mine out there.

Ah i live in the UK so i can’t get it from there
Need to change the buttons as well, thats a simple job as well right?

It’s pretty easy, just time consuming the first time since they’re tight.

Any print shop that will print legal or tabloid sized cardstock should be fine in the UK.

Cool so its called cardstock
I’m gonna start working on it now then, should only take a few hours hopefully