NEED HELP! chewed up connection cable

My dog decided to nibble at the cable that goes from my arcade stick to my 360 and now it barely works if I hold it at the right angle.

I don’t want to buy another fight stick (considering I already put enough money into new parts for this one), but I don’t know how to replace (or know if I even can replace) the part. I was wondering if there was a sight I could go to or a shop near Los Angeles, CA where I could get the cord or whatever I need to fix it.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Since it is Xbox 360, shouldn’t the USB be using the detachable end?
If it is the Breakaway that is messed up, you can buy a new one.

If the USB is messed up further down, then you can install a new USB cable.
Just find or buy a USB anywhere, and solder the new one to your Arcade Stick.


I’m a Modder.
Located in Westminster, Orange County.
I am able to replace the USB cable for you.

thanks for the vid nerrage and jdm714.

I didn’t have access to a sautering gun (too lazy to look up how to spell) so I tried just taping it and failed so bad :frowning:

I had that stick for about 2 years now so I guess buying a new one is not the end of the world.

There’s a solderless technique using Barrier strips in the video.

I saw that but unfortunately there isn’t a hardware store or computer-esque store anywhere near my house.

Closest is a best buy and that’s like a 40 minute drive :frowning:

They are at RadioShack.