Need help choosing a character Ultra SF came from KOF


Hello. I am not a complete noob in fighting games but I am transfering to ultra from kof. I was a decent kof player and could execute combos easily without failing too much. I played as my main as Kim point, Yuri mid, and athena anchor. I am also very familiar with other characters such as kyo, king, and mr karate. I used to play sf iv back when it first came out. At then I played akuma mostly and ryu sometimes. I watched many games of sf recently. I really want to learn mostly someone who can do constant pressure and be very aggressive like kim in kof but it seems like no characters are like that in sf. So I am deciding to learn a zoner. I have see mr kof play juri(I watched him because he came from kof) and decided I want to learn juri. I have watched some games of weirdneo playing juri because many people have said he is a good juri player. Do you think I should learn juri or stick with akuma (i was a decent akuma player)? Or are there other characters in mind? I also have see that she is supposedly top tier.
Thank you.


Juri’s a fun character, but if you like brainless (lol) rushdown you could try Cammy or Yun, I have a lot of fun with them. As far as zoners go Juri’s pretty good, you could also try Gouken.


Once you get it down, Gouken’s zoning is godlike.
As it pertains to the Juri vs Akuma question, it honestly comes down to who you’re most comfortable with. Akuma can apply constant pressure, but you have to know what you’re doing. Learning him also makes it a little easier to learn a few other characters in the game as well. Juri can set up an extremely good wall (sorry, I don’t play her, cant tell you much). If you’re already comfortable with one character, why not learn another?


Since you said juri can set up a wall, I now may want to fully learn her. I love playing Yuri and Kof and she’s like a wall. I may try to learn gouken after. I have already started to learn her and I like her bnbs because they look so cool with the fireballs lol