Need help choosing a fighter


Ok so I’m the type of fighting game fan who only really plays MVC and SF but I’ve been seeing a lot Of new fighting games that look really good that I’m considering but I’ve never played and previous version
Of em so I need some advice if I should get any of these I considering either persona 4 arena I never played
a persona game before, blazeblue but I thinking of waiting for the new one coming in December even though i
never played blazeblue b4, KOF13 I’ve only played kof 98 and CVS2 this one is like my 3rd most interested
and finally MVC origins but I’m not sure about this because I already know what to expect please give me ur thoughts on each of these so i can pick which one I played every street fighter and every vs game but none of these sorry for messy thread my phone is retarted


At this point, even as someone who really LOVES BlazBlue, it’s hard for me to recommend the game - not because there’s anything wrong with it in my opinion, mind you - but because right now, the large majority of BB players aren’t playing BB; They’re all trying to get up to speed on P4A. That said, the new BB is not coming out in December - or rather, it is, but only in Japanese Arcades. There’s no real word on the timeframe for any console release, Japanese or otherwise, so that’s really all up in the air.

This is a great time to pick up P4A however, because the game is still new, there are tons of people playing it, and a lot of them don’t really know what they’re doing yet, so you’ll be able to learn in a fairly natural way.

That said, I love BlazBlue, and it’s a ton of fun, so I’m not going to tell you “no don’t buy it”, especially since it looks like the next iteration is likely to be at least 6 months away in my opinion.


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If you are planning to play the game online KOFXIII is out of the question since it has a bad netcode, which is a shame, since the game is really good
P4A has really good netcode, but be aware that there are a good amount of stuff that works kida different on this type of games compared to SF, you say that you have experience with MVC so you have good chances of adapting better and quicker to the game.
Blazblue is a good game and also has a great netcode like P4A, but perhaps it would have less players now that P4A is out.
If you have the chance of getting all of them then i say go for it, but if you have to choose one, if your time with the game would be mainly online, i say go for Persona 4 Arena.
Now if you have a local scene where you can play, and that has an active scene for any one of this games, perhaps you can try them before buying them, so that way you can get an idea of the games and depending of what is more payed you can choose between them more easily.


I had the same problem than you, but right now im starting with SSF4AE, it can be a lot of games but its really really hard to pick one fighting game worth it, with fanbase, netcode(i dont have pple to fight local), and future
if you look the 3D you have
-SC (where i was coming from)-personally not recommended, fights are a constantly a mixup of throws with medium starter, with some frame trap, too much low risk high reward with the starters, online is funny though
-Tekken the low risk high reward that happens in calibur happens here too, but its worst, i have seen pro gamers losing against noobs that throw safe fast launchers randomly and then start juggling bouncing wall carring (i have no problem with juggle thing but i have with the low risk that mess half health bar), harada said that the noobs should feel they can win the pros sometimes which explains its broken core of the gameplay
-DOA5 that wont be deep (said by the developers) and is a boobs fest, i really dont see this at EVO
-VF5FS the best 3D without a doubt, its not difficult, but its somehow hard to catch the flow of the battle, but the community is small (but is growing) and SEGA economic troubles makes VF6 uncertain
and if you look 2D you have
-persona 4 arena that i think it will be forget in a few months and visually dont apeal casuals (wich means low sells wich means less development less balance patch, maybe no persona 5 arena)and its funny see that people think it will sell good due the persona franchise, wich no make sense, i love FF7 but dont like dirge of cerverus (for example)
-blazblue i hav heard it has good netcode (very important if you live where the local scene doesnt exist literally, which happens to me) but the community is bad, so forget about the great performance of pros at EVO brings people (like happened with KOF XIII) because few ppl plays, sad but true, it also suffer from the problem of p4 arena the visuals dont appeal to casuals i really really hard imagine someone with no idea of fighting games pursaching this over tekken for example and ppl hate blazblue because isnt GG i really dont understand why, love the game for what is not for what it could be.
-sfxt sentence to dead by mr wizard with very few chances of proove its potential,tha dlc fiasco and the few dedicated players dont help either
-kof XIII growing, good, but bad netcode wich at least for me is esential
-SSF4AE great community great netcode great future in the franchise, i see the best option
-Skullgirls i dont have idea so i wont say anything
-MvsC3 i hate the loooooong combos the op launchers and that BS but ppl loves it, i dont understan why


I suggest Persona - it has consistently drawn equal or larger numbers than AE at local tournaments nationwide since its release last week, and there’s absolutely no reason to believe it’s going anywhere. It also has one of the smoothest learning curves of any fighter I’ve ever played - it is simple to pick up and play as a new player, but still has a ton of advanced stuff to keep anyone interested. It has the very real potential to be the first non-Capcom game to be played as widely as Street Fighter in the long term, and has the support of Capcom and “anime” players alike.



I’d recommend Persona also. It’s an “Anime Fighter” that’s pretty damned amazing (Meaning you might want to get it on the PS3, The Anime Fighting community’s larger there.) I haven’t really seen a lot of the “Capcom” Guys complain about it, in fact they seem pretty thrilled about the game itself. Netcodes freaking awesome, I got bodied by some dude in Japan, I was able to see every frame and my input didn’t lag at all. It has a great amount of depth to keep a lot of folks interested too, low level or high level. Also, the game is pretty damned balanced, there’s only a few bad matchups, but it ain’t that bad at all. Pretty crazy stuff man.


Pretty easy to speak right now isnt it? IMO the game wont last more than 6 months, even less. I hope the game sells great and will be at every major but chances are that no, the game is new of a popular franchise and is good and more important it has its own personality, there are games that can be good like this but dont sell good, and if u asume that everyone who loves persona will buy it you are very mistaken, and as i said i can tell you i wll be very happy if it makes to the top of the fighters


It’s good to be skeptic, but the reasons you provided aren’t really the ones that make a game tank.

I haven’t really seen a lot of casuals complain about P4As graphics other than trolls who were looking to annoy weaboos. In fact, I’ve seen a little bit of praise for them from casuals, but this is from what I’ve seen. If you really have sources of Casuals saying NOOOOOPE.JPG when they see the Graphics, I’d like to see this.

Yet I agree with you on the fact that It’s foolish to think most of the sales generated from this game will come from Persona Fans and Fatlus fanboys and they’ll help ride out the waves if they ever get a bit high. Yet PEOPLE know this game is good though.

However, I think you’re placing too much of your skepticism on graphics, rather than gameplay… and the gameplay is really really casual friendly as well, hell even friendlier than UMVC3 and even deeper.


I try to think as a casual, and as I said in the first post, I can’t imagine some casuals going to gamestop and watching tekken tag 2 and persona 4 arena and pursaching persona, its not a matter of graphics is a matter of which will be picked, it could be changed through big marketing, but that wont happen, the marketing wont be notice (if there is), but miracles can happen and if the community grows and the game is VERY good the positive reviews and the players will make it possible, however I sadly think that it wont happen, every time I watch persona I think in BB, great game poor sells, its a pitty that the succes of a game depends in the guys that play less


I find it hard to believe that anime preferences take over FG preferences even regarding BB


Persona Arena isn’t going to hit big in the West, stop lying to yourself. It doesn’t change the fact it’s a good game and you should play it, just the fate of all smaller games that aren’t made by Namco or Capcom.


Sadly pick up the fighting game is like voting, there is two actitudes:
1st- Im only going to play namco or capcom because are the big ones and sure the will have future and community
2nd- Im going to play the game i like, being at evo or not, or having a huge community or not.
If all pick the 2nd option great games like VF or BB would succes while worse games like tekken jugglewthi14safe tournament 2 wouldnt have much ppl playing, but life is unfair and the first option is the chosen for many ppl



Anyway, Persona 4 is posting VERY good numbers right now (like “higher than Marvel” numbers at some events); So most likely it has ALREADY sold “well”. Obviously, it’s going to shed SOME people over the next couple of weeks, but it’s a pretty dang fun game, so I expect a lot of them will stay.

There’s NO real direct competition between it and TTT2 (Which doesn’t even come out for another month) - so the fact that someone might or might not pick one or the other based on some hypothetical event in which they see them both running in a store (Does this actually happen? Really? Not one but TWO fighting games on display in a store? Sounds like a myth to me.) is pretty much irrelevant. People who like Tekken are obviously going to buy TTT2, but people with an interest in 2D fighters have no reason to drop P4A for it.


I wasnt saying they both were on display, the people who loves 2D fighting usually know what are they buying (except games like street fighter with name and marketing that bring tons of casuals that see images of hadokens everywhere and played in the gameboy), and even if they are displayed Tekken are the one that casuals will chose, because ppl rather realistic graphics over anime, besaids everyone knows tekken, even casuals, the reviews of tekken will be great, like 9 or 9.5, people knows more play tekken, there will probably be tekken 7, the roster appeal more and is bigger, there is NO way casuals chose persona over tekken, like I said that would hapen with marketing, but persona wont have marketing, is UP TO THE PLAYERS the succes of the game wich i think it deserves, if ppl get better, recommend the game to others and do a great performance with a lot of hype in tourneys the community will grow, there will be persona 5 arena and it will be a great community, the developers know this and they know is not only make a great game, is necesary to make hardcore fighters around it and mouth to mouth make it bigger, the game has been cleverly released after EVO, is a great game with lots of time to practice it until the showdown in the tournaments where the fights can be great bringing people (like KOF XIII at EVO)


That’s one long sentence you’ve got there.

Anyways, what’s your point? If it’s “TTT2 is going to be huge when it comes out”, then I don’t think you’ll find much of anyone contesting that. If it’s “TTT2 is going to kill P4A”, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Your points on graphics are pretty invalid; there are plenty of people who prefer colorful sprites to bland “realistic” costumes in both the FGC and the wider gaming community.

As for your remarks about it not selling well, I’m just going to assume you don’t know any MegaTen or Persona fans. They’re generally pretty passionate about the series, and willing to put time + effort into their games, which is exactly what learning a fighting game takes.

P.S: Take a look at this image Atlus put out last week - every copy from the first run has shipped.




Is not a matter of “Tekken killing Persona” or “Many prefer sprites” is a matter of difficult, right now in the market of fighters with capcom and namco being the big ones, every other is sadly pretty much screwed because reasons ive already said like money-marketing and name and the idea number 1 of my 4 post, and of course the graphics are pretty and many loves them, but the big market in the US and EU, people casual like callofdutyers wont pick persona if wants a fighter will pick tekken or calibur or street fighter, and they are the true source of money sadly, is up to the community make something great like happened with demon souls, a great game which was about to be forgotten but the people made it a success, I love that cases when a game is very risky and cant afford big marketing and with not much money could make a braindead shoter but says i want to make a great game with personality and people and reviews recognize it and in the end they sell good, but waiting and talking about the great game it is wont make it bigger, improve the game tell others to try it, upload high level replays to youtube, etc, the game wont grow by its own


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 won’t kill Persona, the games are too different. Tekken players didn’t even pick SF4, the game that brought back 2D fighters, I doubt they care about Persona and also most anime FGC members have even more interest in SF than Tekken.P4U is here to stay. They are already cannibalizing the Anime FGC and they are cannibalizing the KOF community as well. The game has huge following, it has a growing scene and is easier than Marvel ( THough I personally wouldn’t call it deeper than Marvel). It brought old, cantankerous GG players out of their graves and the game is currently more popular than SF in Japan.

But, people have right to be a bit skeptical, the US Anime FGC’s superpower is its outstanding ability to kill a game almost at random. I personally, call it “Blazbluing” a game. They also have the ability to ask for a new game or update to a game, hype it up and never play it. This is what is probably is going to happen to the new GG game when it comes out.

Back to your question-
Play what you like, life is too short to do anything else. If you want to stay tournament relevant, play games that have a huge backing and play all the other games you like on the side. Hellpockets plays KOF religously but he also plays random Doujin fighters on the side. Sako plays SF4 religously( and basically built Ibuki and Cammy from the ground up) but he always makes time for his favorite game Vampire Savior.


Sir, with all due respect, I can barely understand your long rambling sentances, especially when they feature phrases like “<stuff> is a matter of difficult”; Additionally, from what sense I can make of them, you’re not addressing the points anyone is making.

To reiterate: P4A is ALREADY off to a very strong start in terms of sales. Does that translate to lasting appeal? Nobody knows, but please, stop trying to argue that people, casual or otherwise, aren’t going to pick up this game. They already have.

TTT2 is going to sell really well to people who like Tekken. There’s mostly not a lot of overlap. I really don’t expect there are many people who are choosing between the two games, casual or otherwise. Expecting a lot of people to drop P4A for Tekken is like expecting a lot of people to drop Call of Duty for Starcraft. Are there people who like both? Yes, but they’re either playing both, or not fundamentally interested in either for the long term.

I think we’ve exhausted the possibilities of this discussion.


Sorry im writing from my ps3 with my ps3 controller which makes me write bad and slowly xD.
Im glad Persona sales are good, but is necessary to put effort of the community to keep it high, a good sales from the start imo dont mean so much.
As I said the game couldnt be released in better date, so lets sieze the chance of that.
And i think you guys dont understand what i mean (with all the respect), i dont say that people drop persona to buy tekken, everybody will buy acordingly to their taste.
The example of starcraft and COD is perfect, who wants COD buys CO and who wants Starcraft buys Starcraft , but COD sells more because is a braindead shooter and starcraft less because various reasons, i thinks same aplys to persona and tekken/calibur/sf.