Need help choosing a fightstick

G’day all

I had one of the original limited edition Madcatz Tournament SFIV sticks (the one with the fire art on it). I had the xbox 360 model and it worked with the pc great and I really loved it.

I’ve just gone and grabbed a PS3 and all the stuff that goes with it so I find myself in need of a new fighstick. I just wanted to know if there’s any differences between the old Limited Edition sticks, Round 2 and the new Round ‘S’ editions? I’m having trouble findiing either in Aus and its most likely I’m going to have to import one.

On the other hand, some people have said to have a look at the new Hori stick, the Real Arcade PRO 3 Premium VLX. I’ve seen them online and they are quite pricey for me to get one in. $360US and then shipping on top. Plus that and conversion plus bank charges could mean I’m up for $500AU by the time I’m finished (my PS3 cost less than this).

So, which is the better buy. My friends who are tournament level scorn the Hori as not being as sensitive on the buttons (and I admit I love the sensitivity of the Madcatz) but do admit that they haven’t seen or tried the new Hori stick (and not likely too as they’ve blown enough money getting Madcatz), just going off the previous models . I’ve also seen the thread on this forum re the new Hori and seen that some have problems and some don’t. Considering that its going to be a major problem with returns if I import a Hori in and it has trouble, is there any advice anyone can give?

Should note that I love Madcatz at the moment, and my friends and I haven’t had a problem with a single one we have bought (and we have a few), so won’t mind a ruling in their favour.

Also does the Hori have the square gate? I grew up with square gates so what I’m used to.

Any further info and comparisons on the separate editions of the Madcatz TE sticks, and then the Hori stick are most welcome as well.

Phew, think I covered everything!

Madcatz TEs are all equivalent. Biggest difference from Round 1 and 2 with TE-S is that TE-S is TE-S is slightly smaller, and lockswitch will lock both the turbo panel and the Start/select buttons. All are internlly the same, main differences being artwork or button colors.

Hori VLX is worth paying for if you want a huge, heavy, sturdy stick. Another perk is being able to change any parts without voiding your warranty (PCB is separately cased) Yes, it comes with square gate, and parts inside are equal to Madcatz TE. Buttons are just as sensitive as TE, because VLX uses all Sanwa parts, like the TE, unlike the normal HRAP3, which is Hori buttons. Major difference being the stick’s PCB isn’t rotated in VLX. But that doesn’t really matter. It’s all Sanwa, just like the TE. The higher price is mostly for the tank-like case you’re paying for. And probably licensing from Taito to use their panel.

You can read about the differences in the different TEs in the Newbie Stick Guide over at the Newbie Dojo:

The Real Arcade PRO 3 Premium VLX is full Sanwa just like the Madcatz sticks. The stick/buttons are the same (it’s not knock off hori buttons like the old HRAPs). In general, all sticks with a Sanwa JLF–including the madcatz TE like and the HRAP line–come with a square gate as standard.

Have a look at the Qanba Q3 sticks. Like you I also have the TE, but i just bought a qanba stick as well. All sanwa like the TE. There’s a dedicated thread here somewhere…

you should get the TE(if you don’t want to spend all of the extra money).

since u like ur TE so much for the xbox 360 u can always dual mod it so it can be compatible with xbox 360 + PS3

Many thanks for all the replies, that’s been a great help. Bit concerned to see a few people have had PCB issues with the TE’s. And I like the idea about modding my XBox TE to dual console but I’m afraid I’m completely useless when it comes to doing things with my hands and I’d prob mess it up majorly.

Another friend of mine recommended the Arcade in a Box custom made sticks to me as well. Anyone have any info on those?

Hori v3.
Hori v3sa.
madcatz te.

^nah dont go with AIAB trust me ^

There is not exist HRAP V3 right now.
It went straight to HRAP V3 SA.

Ah cool, thanks for the further info. Found a set of the original TE’s in town today so will prob get one of those. The first one worked for me so here’s hoping the second one will as well!

Many thanks for all the info though fellas, its greatly appreciated.

With the TEasy mod+dual strike you don’t have to worry about anything I think. You click it on, connect a ribboncable and voilá. I haven’t used it myself but I heard they work great. It would certainly save yourself a lot of money concerning shipping and import.
Arcade in a box is way way overpriced, you’d be better off commissioning a full custom stick in the trade outlet and you’d actually have a kickass piece of art.