Need help choosing a main

Well, I’ve been playing SSF4 for a while and Im having trouble choosing a main character; sometimes I would have an interest in one character’(Abel) but then the next day its gone. How should I choose my main?

Any replies are greatly appreciated, they really are!

Play the game a lot and pick a character that looks cool.

Pretty much what he said ^^

Pick whoever you feel more comfortable playing! Be careful some people will flame you for this thread

Agreed. Just pick whoever you not only feel comfortable playing with, but also one who you enjoy playing. I was in the same boat for a while actually, I remember wanting to main Vega, then once I saw a really good Guy I wanted to main Guy, then I saw a really good Yun, then I wanted to main Yun, etc etc… It went on like this for a while, and I really think it cost me a lot of good practice time. Also, try to avoid looking at tier lists before you choose your main.

I know some people who will only choose a character based off of a tier list, and even though they hate playing the actual character, they play because “I can beat everyone with this character”. Any character is viable bro, just pick one you enjoy playing and you feel comfortable with.

Stop asking people to play the game for you. Pick your own character, nobody knows your play style or what your preferences are. How can you people walk out of your own front door with any confidence when you can’t even make your own choices in a video game for yourselves.

we can’t tell you “go with $char” it’s simply wrong.
you need to develop your personal playstyle, once you have develop it choose the char that adapt to that playstyle better than others

If you would at least give us some more info about your play style we might be able to help you a little more. Maybe even say “I like characters x, y, and z; but not sure which fits me best, usually I tend towards… (poking, defense, zoning, grappling, etc.)” You can’t expect to get any useable feedback from a question like the one you posted.

But for now I would say Hakan.

Dont play abel because he sucks.

Play Hakan or something.

Hakan? c’mon Dan is better

Which characters have good footsies/range and a good reversal. By good I mean fast startup/FADC able. I’m thinking Ken/Yang. How good are Ken and Yang’s footsies?

Vega’s footsies are great, and so are chun’s but idk about Vega’s reversals.

Be unique and pick Yun.

Also Abel sucks? Lol, far from it.

I’ve tried every character and would be interested in what others would recommend seeing at times where I can’t pick a main but it’s often I get heckled from some douche bag who swaps mains more then myself when I play random. I prefer a character that has strong punishment, mix ups along with being a speed demon.

Seek and destroy, by mix up I mean anti crouch, anti air, cross up, of course every character has sweep, focus and a normal grab.

No mercy, by punishment I mean counter attack but in this case it’s priority and range to punish more things after block.

I wanted to finish yesterday, by speedy I don’t want much air time, it want to hit hard and fast, better the walking speed better the footies.

Just gets annoying when I know a person who picks a character for the exact opposite traits, a brick wall full of safe spam moves that do chip damage with unavoidables.

Seems like you should be playing Akuma.