Need help choosing joystick


I use a Fightingstick Pro from Madcatz for years now but i always struggled with the joystick. I always realy like the fast small analog sticks the xbox360 controller had but always found that the buttons where horrible compared to arcade sticks. Now i tried all different gates on the arcade stick, bought all of them and actually to this day prefer to play without any gate at all. But this leaves the stick realy wobly.

So i kinda gave up on the sanway joystick and was looking around for the korean joysticks and found the Crown CWL-309 wich might be what i have been looking for perhaps. Im looking for a stick thats fast and not stiff, and where you can move in easy circles (so you can do Zangief grabs easy for example and easy firebals). Tried circular gates on the sanwa but that does feel more like a square/ half circular thing if that makes any senseā€¦ So any suggestions? will a Crown CWL-309 even fit within a mad catz stick or do i need a new stick?


A Crown CWL-309 will fit where the Sanwa JLF would go no problem.
You ether need a wire harness adapter or just cut and modify the current wiring.

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Thx for answering, think il give That a try then.

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I had Logitech Extreme for a while, didnt have any problems with attaching it or getting used to the stick. I heard some of korean joysticks are pretty comfortable, have you already tried Crown CWL-309? I might consider this model as a replacement.