Need help choosing Main

3 mains to be specific.
I mained Fuerte in vanilla and secondary Abel.
I want to use to Cody and not sure if I should stay with Fuerte, or go to Abel or go to Cody, who I rocked with in Alpha 3, but feels different in super.

I need help with this decision.

Play who you like the most…?

I swear, I see the same posts over and over again here.

You already have Abel/Cody/Fuerte. There’s your 3 main characters.

Nah, see he can’t do that. We gotta pick 3 main characters for this guy.

Karin, R.Mika and Birdie.

What other decisions do you need help with? Do you know for sure what kind of music you like listening to, or what kind of clothes to wear? We’re here for you.

Ah, okay.

Can I pick him Dan, Hakan, and Makoto?

No? Dammit.

Well, using the awesome powers of the Random Number Generator, I say to pick Fuerte. Without the power of RNG, I’d still say to pick Fuerte. Whore out some wins due to people not knowing the matchup. :slight_smile:

i was asking for technical opinions.
i wish people didn’t have to respond so abrasively.

i suppose a response is better than none sometimes.

I am your brother
Your best friend forever
Singing the songs
The music that you like

Anyway, Ryu, Ken, and Akuma

this way you have like 60 colors at your disposal. You can never go wrong with more colors.

Here is my question for you:
You said you want us to pick 3 main characters for you. You already selected 3 characters: Cody/Fuerte/Abel.

Why can’t those 3 be your “main” characters?

Okay, I’ll try another approach: How do you like to win matches?

  1. Linking powerful normals into specials

  2. Working a multi-faceted assault, combining command throws and normals

  3. Shenanigans + Learning how to RSF

Pick your main with those choices?

I like how you put that.

i should have worded my question better, I meant,
“whats your opinion of the three? Who the best to use?”

I can’t RSF consistently at all, even in training. For that reason I feel like my Fuerte is lacking a massive part of his game. I play around with the cast a bit too much though. If you want to go Fuerte I’d make sure you have his RSF down. His oki game is awesome and he is fun to play, but rsf is key to massive damage/dizzies and instantly shattering your opponents confidence. I’d say his up close game is naff though.

With Abel again it depends how confident you are in your game. If I wanted to spend a lot of time with Abel I’d put effort into practicing mixups/resets and tick throw games. I main Akuma and when I fight a really good Abel i still sometimes freeze when I start getting resets done on me. I thought he was pretty solid in vanilla but supposedly he’s even better nowadays.

Cody is a character I’ve been playing a fair bit lately, but I didn’t play him in Alpha. He has problems when he’s getting mixed up after an untechable knockdown, but I love his personality and enjoy his moveset and the knife metagame. He has pretty easy links into criminal upper/ruffian kick and great command normals for frametrapping.

None of them have a great reversal, but that’s not a big deal. At the end of the day you still need to decide if you are playing to win (choose the character that is most tournament viable… Abel?) or playing for fun (coin toss between fuerte’s frantic comedy and cody’s bored act and fakes)

main ryu

The reason that people respond this way is because these threads are incredibly futile, and basically amount to someone saying “I don’t like having to make decisions for myself, can someone else do it for me?”. There is nothing anybody on the internet can tell you about who you should play. Of the three you listed, Abel is the best character, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best character for you. You might be more suited to Fuerte, or you could be a Cody player. We have no idea which of the three is true, because this is an internet forum.

Watch some vids of high level players with those characters, and decide based on what you see what you want your play to eventually look like.

Thank you Frank. I know that whatever i hear I still need to make the call.
but a second opinion helps. and some of these responses helped too.

I had the same problem with you. But my chars was balrog, akuma, and ken. The only reason why i chose akuma is his playstyle i guess. Be defensive and wait for opportunities. But what really switched me from ken to akuma is that you have to understand and deal with the bs. Dropping combo’s, missing chances, and all that.

What if you like say… 31 of the characters?

Don’t listen to anyone else

Play Ryu

yeah seriously
fuck everyone else =)

If he won’t take this amazing offer, I will.

I don’t know what kind of clothes to wear! Help me!

Stick with Fuerte!

The SRK Fuerte community will mold you into a flipping, tortillaing machine!

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