Need help choosing new Joystick from Akihabara Shop

howdy scene , i want to get some new Joysticks for my New Astro City from Akihabara Shop early next year.

I need some help in choosing what gear i need…i have taken some snaps of what is currently in there and maybe you guys can figure what i need.

btw i like the current Restrictor that is installed i would like one very similar in feel for the new Sanwa Joysticks.

I think i need a S-shaped Mounting Plate and am going to have to drill a couple of holes and screw it in.

If possible can someone confirm what i need with Model Numbers (JLF-TP-8S etc…) from Akihabara Shop.

I need…

-Restrictor Plate

That is a Seimitsu LS-32, with SS mounting plate. LS-32 comes with flat RE mounting plate, so you must change. Or you can just use the mounting plates from your current LS-32s. SS plate comes with LS-32-01. Of course, LS-32-01 comes with a PCB, which means it has the 5-pin connector, however, the microswitches are still exposed and can still be used just fine. But I’d save myself a couple bucks, order an LS-32, and then take your existing SS plate off, and then put it on your new stick.

There are only 2 restrictor gates for LS-32, and that is the square one that comes with it, and a round one that must be ordered separately. You can unscrew the existing gate and move it to a different position if you want dedicated 4 or 2 way operation.

Also, you mention Sanwa joystick. If you want Sanwa, then I’d look at JLF-TM-8T(-SK). That means JLF without PCB, and with flat mounting plate. Sanwa sticks have a longer shaft, so generally, an S type plate mounts the shaft too high. But if you want with S mounting plate, get JLF-TM-8S(-SK). -SK just means with shaft cover. That’s up to your preference. LS-32 does not have shaft cover. It is a plastic piece that covers your joystick. It’s mostly aesthetic, but it protects the metal, but if you’re going to just be using it personally, you won’t have to worry about it. Not to mention, the shaft lasts fine without it. It’s just an extra layer of protection in case if the stick is constantly in use by perspiring players. But if you like the black plastic cover, then get it. But once you order, you can’t just take it off. You will have to have a dustwasher for a stick without shaft cover if you want to take it off, because it leaves a large hole where the shaft cover once was.

If you like the restrictor gate of LS-32, you should use the square gate of the JLF, which comes with all models of JLF.

hiya Nerrage , great knowledge you have there i am going to have to ponder on it for a bit im still learning Stick types Button types etc.

btw i have one extra question atm…here goes

I am going to be replacing the Buttons as well with screw in type , at the Akihabara Shop it gives 2 options with the screw in ver i am unsure what the 2 options mean can you elaborate ?





any help kicks ass


i figured my last question out please disregard it people


you should buy smaller QD’s for your buttons, you are using joystick QD’s :slight_smile:

Also check measurements of your mountingplate before buying the joystick

hola Torta , roger that on the QD’s i will add it to the list of things im getting from Akihabara Shop.

Also great tip on measuring first , i have done that and my measurements match the Seimitsu S-shaped Mounting Plate.

I got the measurements to compare from Akihabara Shop , i also checked to see if the Sanwa S-shaped Mounting Plate matches and its way off.

If im correct i have no option but to go with a Seimitsu Stick and may as well get Seimitsu Buttons to match.

What do you guys think ?

You already have Seimitsu buttons on there. If you want a button that have a tad lighter resistance then go with Sanwa OBSN-30s. If you like the stiffer resistance that those Seimitsus offer you have then you can get the same model buttons, or PS-14-KNs, or PS-14-GNCs

Is there anything wrong with the current stick? I mean, why replace a perfectly good LS-32?

N-30 and N-24 refers to the Sanwa nut that is used to screw it into place. SW-68 refers to the model microswitch that comes with most models of Sanwa buttons.

Also, d3v, look! It is Seimitsu Astro City Control Panel.


Actually, it seems to be an original Sega panel since that’s not how Seimitsu Astro panels mount their sticks IIRC.

Seimitsu Astro panel (mounted on an Impress cab, don’t ask).*

Seimitsu plate used for Seimitsu Astros is #6

Also, it was a Seimitsu Blast City (inside joke).


*Because I honestly don’t know

Those candy cabs are so confusing as to how they work. My arcade somehow fit Happ buttons into an original Sega control panel. I do not know how. I think they were just made all with a bunch of magic and rainbows to work. Why they put Happ buttons in, I don’t know why, either.

hi guys i didnt think i would get such a great response from all of you , i thought the Thread would turn out with no responses… i appreciate all of the help i have got and have learned a lot.

When i bought the Astro and went to the sellers apartment to check it out i asked a bunch of questions , one thing he noted was that the CP was Generic and he had bought it to replace the previously installed CP.

So pretty much i figure the CP (Joystick and Buttons) look like Seimitsu gear but are Generic copies , the Buttons and Stick feel pretty good but i prefer to replace them with Official gear.

With the help of the replies in this Thread i am set to go with getting replacement gear from Akihabara Shop , i was a bit knowledge less of what could be done but thanks to you guys ive learned a lot.

Thanks to all for your tips and teaching