Need help combing fp,rp,hsf

how come when i do the fp,rp,hsf the rocket punch does not combo in to the hsf could some one help me?:frowning:

Linking Moves

Try doing this instead. When you master this, then stick in the extra rocket punches you need. Start with RP (as soon as it hits) XX HSF then standing laser after second drone of HSF hits, then laer into super again. As you master that, then add the rocket punch.

basically wait until you see each attack connect and then cancel into the next one, and remember you can cancel the s.fp into the rp before it connects…but you dont want to do that…

just watch it and practice:
s.fp (hits)xx rp ( hits) xx hsp, lather rinse repeat


if you’re playing at home the controller settings might be on long

ohh so if u have it on long it wont work huh no wonder i cant profrom magneto’s and sentinals combos well thanx:D