Need Help! Concerning PCB in SE Fightstick

After purchasing a SE fightstick, I noticed that I’m currently getting no down movement response at all. I even purchased a new stick thinking that the original was messed up and I’m still having issues. I have eliminated the problem either to the connector running from the joystiq to the PCB, or the PCB itself to the extent that there is possibly no contact being made with the “down” wire and the board. Maybe something is wrong with the PCB? Does anyone know how to take off the connector on the PCB for the directional movements and what other suggestions do you guys have to solve issue with the no down directional movement.


How long have you been using the SE stick

I received the fightstick about 3 days after the release of SFIV. The fightstick in question has not been used much at all besides maybe 10 hrs max. Origally when I first received the stick, down was working fine and then the stick started sticking. Eventually a down directional movement stopped registering at all. Which leads to why I need some help, especially after already opening the case and voiding my warranty.

Well there is plenty threads regarding the many issues of the SE stick, but know that joy stick is the main issue. If I’m right, due to your 10 hour use of your joystick…your PCB is probably scratched. Why? Well there is a metal washer that rubs against the joystick’s PCB and what it’s doing is it’s killing your PCB by scratching it. I’m not sure if that’s the case, but that is my best bet to why your joy stick is acting up. I would suggest to void your warranty by opening the bottom of the stick and unscrew the mounting plate along with the joystick. Once you did that, remove the plastic gate and the switches//PCB. You will see whether or not the PCB is violently scratched which may be the result of your unresponsive down motion.

In the second pic it shows a clear view of the metal washer. Lucky for me I got my hands on a SE stick my brother got for $50, so I quickly opened up the SE stick and snipped the washer and yanked it out before I used it. I had no problems ever since.

When I mean PCB, I mean the circuit board where the connector running from the joystiq attaches to. Does anyone know how to take off the directional button connector attached to that board. Thanks.

I see, well I read this “what other suggestions do you guys have to solve issue with the no down directional movement.” and figured I should suggest the real problem here.

When you say you’ve “purchased a new stick”, are you saying you bought another SE Fightstick altogether, or that you’ve actually replaced the joystick with another one, say a Sanwa JLF or?

Alright I had the exact same problem but I think I couldn’t move right.
I figured that it had to do with the 5 pin connection. What I did was locate the on the pcb board where that wire is connected to. Swap the wire out with a working wire to see if you have a faulty wire.
In my situation for some reason it was the way that the 5 wire were positioned. I think madcatz makes a loop and places the wire in the top right peg to keep it organized. I got frustated in wondering why I had to right movement so I undid the loop and started moving it around while moving my joystick at the same time to see if it registered.
Magically everything started working. So I thought I fixed my problem and redid the. Loop and placed it back on the top right peg. Tried to use the joystick again but it didn’t work.

The solution to my problem:
Is to keep the 5 pin wire straight and not in a loop for my joystick to work.
I ordered a new 5 pin wire from aki also.