Need help connecting s.HP after lk. tatsu

it connects 1/10.
i’m trying to do the tatsu>HP>demonflip throw.
most of the time it comes out late/whiffs.

any advice/suggestions?

Why did such a stupid question need it’s own thread??? Just have a look at the stickies, i’m tired of you lazy people cluttering the forums for nothing.

Plink that damn HP and just practice, there is no “trick”

because i searched for 10 minutes with no avail. relax man.

I don’t play Akuma, but I just spent the last half hour in the training room doing these stupid vortex resets so I could learn how to stop them with my character(which I did tyvm).

Time the HP not right when Akuma’s feet touch the ground but a tiny bit after. Also plinking helps (piano linking, there’s a thread in the general discussion thread stickied if you want to know more). Just hit HP~LP one right after the other(almost at the same time) and it helps with hard links like this one.

Your welcome, bcuz this thread is probably not staying open for much longer.

When search doesn’t give any results, post your question in one of the sticky threads…there is a thread just for questions like this one. No need to create a new one every time.

Apart from plinking the only way you can get any kind of timing down is to practice. You need to come up with your own way to get the timing down.

perhaps try a different normal. I use for my resets as when akuma crouches my head sorta feels more natural in the rhythm of hitting xx d.flip

Learn to plink and shall worry not!

Plinking doesn’t work with HP~MP?

Edit: Nevermind, it does work, why would you use HP~LP instead of HP~MP??

Sorry, I didn’t say that you could use MP as well. Technically you could use LK and MK also.

It’s just cuz Fei Long has a 1 frame link after a certain attack into > HP > Rekkas, and if I plink HP~LP, if I time it incorrectly I still get LP which cancels into Rekkas as well. I’m just used to HP~LP, it’s just preference.