Need help connecting to the internet

Just reformatted with XP Pro, and my comp won’t connect to the internet via lan cable. There is nothing in network connections. What the hell is going on?

Maybe you need a driver for your ethernet card?

Go to start->right click on My Computer->click on Manage. In the left pane of the Computer Management window, click on ‘Device Manager’. In the right pane, under ‘Network Adapters’, you should see an expanded listing with a device with a yellow exclamation point. This indicates you need to install the driver. If there is not listing for ‘Network Adapters’, then you either don’t have the adapter properly installed, if it is an onboard adapter, it is not enabled in BIOS, or there is some problem at the hardware level.

More details would help. You never stated if it was a name brand pc or something you built. Sometimes name brand PC’s will come with an image that CD which installs Windows and all the drivers. Most often though you need to reinstall the drivers manually.

I say your missing drivers.

Check what driver you have, go to your friends place or school and burn the required drivers on to a CD. Then go home and install and then start play games online and be happy like me~.