Need Help converting 360 sticks (HRAP) to PS3


I have two 360 HRAP sticks that I modded with seimitsu buttons + octo gate.

The problem is I sold my 360 a few months back and now only have a slim PS3.

How can I get the logic board for a PS3 joystick and wire up the HRAPs?

Note, I don’t want to use the Cross Battle Adapter, I have heard it introduces lag.


Easy way? Make a WTB PS3 PCB fully wired and just pop it inside.

Would this work?

Toodles Cthulhu for Multi-Console

Cthulhu if you just want straight PlayStation 3.
Multi-Console Cthulhu if you want PlayStation 3 and the Consoles it support.

Pick the one that best describes your technical ability and we’ll guide you to the selection that best matches. This is in order of cleanliness; lower number, more ghetto results.:

  1. I don’t care how ghetto it looks, I just don’t want to use any tools more complicated than a pair of wire strippers.
  2. I can use a drill, but no electronic stuff.
  3. I can use a multimeter for simple continuity checks, but I don’t want to do any soldering.
  4. I can do very light soldering, for a few wires in easy to access through holes.
  5. I’m a soldering machine with no fear of any tool.

Also rate how badly you want:
A. I want to remove all indication that it was originally a 360 stick.
B. I want it to work on more than PS3 (indicate which system(s) you want).
C. I want detachable cables.
D. I want it to be wireless.

Please note that the lower your skill number, the less chance any of A-D will be possible.

I would say Number 1.

And I only care if it works on PS3 & PC. Items A-D don’t matter to me at all.

Buy all of these from
LL 8 Position Barrier Strip, American Style
LL 22 AWG Stranded Wire, Black (times 4, so you get 4 feet worth)
Toodles Cthulhu for PC/PS3
StarTech USB Cable, Male A/B, 10’ Black
Cable Tie Mount, 3/4" x 3/4", Black (8 to be safe)
Cable Tie, 4" Black, Pack of 100

Unscrew the bottom panel from the HRAP. Remove the carriage bolts holding the top panel down and lift a bit but don’t remove entirely yet. Use wire clippers to clip all of the wires connecting the buttons and stick to the big pcb as close as possible to the big pcb, leaving the most amount of wire connected to the buttons and stick. (there are other wires and ribbon cables connecting the big pcb to the upper left daughterboard. I’d recommend leaving those uncut if possible.) Unscrew the big pcb screwed to the bottom of the case and the upper left Guide+headset daughterboard piece; the daughterboard, big pcb, and USB cable should be able to be removed as one connected piece. Set aside or discard.

The sticky back tie mount is made to be stuck to the inside of the case, and you run a cable tie through the mount and through the hole in the Cthulhu and/or barrier strip to secure it to the case. First, secure the terminal stip to the case. Take a few small pieces of wire, and use it to connect each piece of the terminal strip together. One piece of wire going from one of the first pair of screws to one of the second pair of screws, one from the second pair of screws to the third pair of screws, etc. You want all 8 of the pieces of the barrier strip connected with wire. Once that’s done, you want to take one wire from every button and one wire from every direction, and screw them all down to the barrier stip. Cut a 1 foot length of wire from the wire you ordered, and screw it down too. You’ll have more than one wire under a few of the screws, but thats fine. Take the wire piece you cut and screwed down, and screw down the other end into one of the screw terminals on the Cthulhu labelled GND. Take some of the tie mounts, and use them and the zip ties to secure the Cthulhu to the bottom of the case. Take the remaining wire of each button and direction, and screw down to the matching Cthulhu screw terminal. Plug in the USB cable to the Cthulhu, and run the cable through the hole in the case the Guide+headset daughterboard covered, so the cable can come out the back hole the original cable used. Carriage bolt the top down, screw the bottom back on, and open a beer. To activate Home to bring up the XMB, you’ll have to hit Start and Select buttons.

wow thanks toodles!