Need help countering Nemesis

I figured out the hard way that rushing down against Nemesis backed up by an Akuma Tatsu assist is the wrongest thing to do.

But now that I look over my teams again I am completely stumped as to how I should approach a Nemesis point. Especially when using Felicia or Amaterasu.

I could just lame it out and use a Doom point but I for one thing am a bad zoner and really get impatient when I zone, so… orz.

Thanks for any input.

for one thing, nemesis has REALLY safe blockstrings, especially for a heavy character. tired of dem blockstrings? get into the habit of throwing as a punish rather than LLLLMHS. the standard Nemesis blockstring is LMH into clothesline L. This move LOOKS super sunsafe, but its actually one of his safest moves, as its only like -3 or -4 on block. No jab in the game will catch it.

however, a throw will. so throw more, and learn how to maximize your damage off of them.

as for rushing him down, nemesis has armor, so the more hitboxes moving around, the better. Fight him like you fight the Hulk, IE: dont press buttons unless you KNOW that nemesis isn’t pressing H. once you do get in, you want to lock him down like any other big character. go instant overheads, crossups, etc.

If Nemesis is playing his zoning game (we all know how surprisingly good he is a that) you either need to negate it with your assists if you’re using ammy or felicia, or you need to out zone him. I know you said you’re not good at zoning, but really with characters like Doom, the best thing to do is outzone Nemesis. then he has to go on the defensive at full screen, and traverse your ma(i)ze of projectiles. Hawkeye is a super difficult matchup for nemesis, just sayin’.

both his hypers are unsafe on block as all fuck. you can throw him in the middle of his Rush hyper. DO NOT ATTACK THOUGH. ONLY THROW.

in regards to that Akuma assist, use Ammy’s elements hyper to punish that if he/she gets predictable. Akuma goes down like a bitch.
and for felicia… kitty helper hyper. that will fuck up ANYONE’S day, but for big characters, its a real problem.

so yeah thats all the advice I can give. oh, one more thing: and if you get hit and set up for a reset… PRAY


nah but M acarratti pretty much gave the need to know on Nemesis matchup. laming out usually works the best i’ve found.


ahem… but yeah, nemesis on point functions great both on rushdown and zoning it out, so really the best way to take down a nemesis is to A. outzone his zoning (only dedicated zoners/ zoning teams can do this consistantly) or B. out rushdown his rushdown.

so basically, to beat nemesis, you have to do everything he’s good at, BETTER than him. sometimes thats easy, other times it isnt, but its the best way to do it. also, fun fact: Nemesis is his own worst matchup :wink:

also, killing off any nemesis’ teammates will fucking cripple him. even amongst nemmy mains, no one likes putting him in the back/ leaving him for last. he’s like MvC2 cable: put him in front to build a fuckton of meter and pester the opponent and take out a character or 2, then die and let your other 2 characters clean up the mess he left. dont let him fullfill that role, and you’re good. take out dem assists, snap him out, whatever it takes.

Ah crap yeah this is the thing that’s taken a toll on me. Guess I just have to deal with it, huh? These resets are deadly, especially since the characters I use arelow health ones @_@

Oh and I seem to be underestimating his j.H; I can’t believe how large its hitbox is and stuff.

…and for some reason I just cannot for the life of me block high when I see Nemesis jump. I can block high against anyone except Nemesis, he’s doing something to my brain I swear lol

Crap I really SHOULD use that hyper again. Ever since the Delta Kick buff I almost never used it anymore lol. I’ll definitely take this into consideration. Unblockable setups ahoy! Now I just need an anti-air to go with it…

unless you have characters that can airdash, yeah, you’re kinda fucked with Nemesis’s resets. Here in the Nemesis forums, they’re feel they’re tight enough that we just consider them combos where the damage magically resets somewhere in the middle XD

Nemesis has a FANTASTIC overhead game due to his great hitboxes and angled deadly reach. If you see a nemesis on point with any assist that hits low, be prepared to eat damage. in situations like that, you HAVE to zone him out. keep in mind that his j.H is basically Zero’s pizzacutter, but it only hits once, and is 3 times pizzacutter’s size. It hits EVERYWHERE. there are very few normals that outright beat that move.

and yes, any hypers or assists or setups that can lead to unblockables are great vs. Nemesis just like any other heavy. abuse them.

Who do ya use most frequently? I’m curious. Different characters might have different ways to counter Tall Dark and Tentacles.

btw. you’re probably wondering why I’m giving you so much advice, correct? after all, no one wants their main totally figured out.

the way I see it, the only true way to improve a character’s metagame is by having people figure them out just as much as those who use them, that way they have to step up their game as well.

characters who rely on the opponent “not knowing the matchup” usually have underdeveloped metagames. I want to avoid that.

[S]also, everything I just told you was a lie[/S] you can trust me

Your post says “You can trust me” but your avatar says “I watch you sleep.”

My 3 main teams are Felicia(A)-Ammy(B)-Doom(A) , Ammy(B)-Doom(A)-Hiryu(Y), RR(Y)-Frank(A)-Ammy(B)/Doom(A). The first one is my most successful one so far.

hey hey hey, those are not mutually exclusive.

after all, I haven’t DONE anything yet now have I?

Not as far as I’m awarOH GOD

Much respect. Some solid teams.

I think for team 1, use the first two characters to stay in his face while Doom Plasma Beams his little heart out. As a Nemesis player, I like to keep opponents at a bit of a distance, so if they zoom in I’m a bit out of my element. If they hang back and call an assist too close to themselves, they’re wide open for rocket shenanigans or Tentacular Attacks.


Felicia in particiular thanks to her buffs is really hard to lockdown since she has so much freedom moving around with Air-Delta kick, so in general she’s very good against Nemesis espicially since you can’t pushblock her (Her moves move her forward usually) So she’s even better at creating pressure than Nemesis can. Thankfully i’m already making counter-strategies against the damn cat.