Need help countering Striders Teleport dive kick

I’m not quite sure what the move is called but it’s the move where he disappears and then appears above you and does a dive kick of some sort.

My question is how do I punish it after block? After I block it, Strider seems to recover before I can attack him. I’ve tried with multiple characters and if I try to attack him it’s a free combo for him. I’ve tried to push block it, but smart players just repeat and eventually I get crossed up not to mention it lets him control the match.

My team is Nova\Dorm\Skrull

I can thank Flook for this piece of info…

You can chicken block the teleport. By chicken block, i mean you can hold up-back as he’s coming out, so you block him in the air. You’ll land before he does and you’ll have frame advantage.

If you stay grounded, you still have enough frame advantage for either for a free throw or command grab.

thank you sir!