Need help creating an ASCII Stick FT template

can someone help me make a template of this stick?

Not too long ago, I bought this

I was planning on taking the optical stick out and swapping it with the jlf from my TE stick.

However, the stick was a pain in the ass to take out since its covered underneath a plastic layer. having no choice, i tore the plastic off, exposed the screws and metal.

now, i’m trying to get either a lami label or plexiglass replacement and maybe some custom artwork but since this stick is rare, no one has put up a template of this yet.

i’m not skilled with autocad, adobe, or whatever programs you art student knows, so if you can, please help me make a template of this.

here is a snapshot of it.

the link to the actual size plate is here

and here

Also, if someone can help me with the artwork, i would be pleased. Its very simple. All you need to do is put LP, LK, MP, MK, HP, HK to its respective button exactly like the original laminate