Need help deciding best color for the buttons on my fighting stick. Please


Hello, guys. I’m having a hard time deciding the color scheme for my fighting stick.
I’m trying to make one with 8 action buttons and 2 for start/select and I don’t know if I’ll need more later…not really the issue.
I’m thinking about making a color scheme about MegaMan or the servbots from MegaMan Legends.
I wonder if the Dark Blue and normal Blue from Sanwa OSBF-30 would work ?
Also, I’m thinking of trying to make the 4th button of each row to look like the heads of the servbots, taking the inside of the Black/Darkhai and the outside of a Yellow OSBF-30. Would that work?
Just one more question, which color would match that red head in the picture below, the Red or the Vermillion button?

I don’t know if it would end up looking awful or too much color information…but I had this idea and I lack the buttons and the colors in my hands to try it out.
It’s going to be my first Fighting Stick.



“Outside” = Rims
"Inside"= Plungers

If you’re going with the servebots, the obvious colour choices are blue rims / yellow plungers or vice versa.

Alternatively, you could go for OBSC (clear rims and plungers) and do what B15 did:

ask him for the plunger art?