Need Help Deciding On A Ryu Clone


If you already couldn’t tell, I primarily play Cammy. I’ve never mained a Ryu-like character before, but I’m really interested in subbing one. I’ve narrowed it down to Oni, Evil Ryu, or Akuma and I just have a few questions. Feel free to provide any advice you feel would help as well.

1.Out of those three, who is probably the most well rounded?

2.Who has the best normals?

3.Does each character have a different game or do they all play relatively similar?

  1. Akuma.

  2. Akuma.

  3. I can’t say for oni. Oni is sort of gimmicky in my opinion. E. ryu only has a rushdown game with explosive damage. Akuma can do everything, zone, rushdown, footsie and has an absurd 50/50 on wake up as well as some “hard to block” shit in the corner. It’s your choice though, but I’d play akuma out of those three.


1.Akuma definitely
2.Akuma (Oni can be for lulz since he’s a hybrid of Akuma and Gouken basically.)
3. A bit of both just less fireballs for Oni, E. Ryu and Akuma, you really don’t need to throw fireballs as much as those.


just pick a top tier


Oh yeah, which Hyper is better for Akuma?