Need Help - Direct Recording Setup

For about a year or so, I have been recording on my SDTV using a USB donggle capture card. As most would know, the SDTV and the USB capture card are connected via Composite RCA Cables (R,Y,W) . The USB capture card has a spare S-Video input.

Now my question is for LCD/HD/LED TVs. The place where we hold our casuals or events have LED TVs. It accepts HD, VGA/DVI, Component (R, G, B), S-Video for its Video Input. Now is it possible to use the “PS3 Component (R, G, B) + S-Video Cable” to be able to play and directly record using the same USB Capture Card device? with the Component Cables going into the LED tv and the S-Video Cable going into the USB Capture Card’s S-Video socket?

PS - i know about Hauppage and Roxio and other high end capture device for HD tvs and such, but i’m trying to save money atm, and i would first like to find out if such a setup would work, thanks!

If memory serves me correctly, you should be able to turn S-video in to composite with a simple cable - the component cables on the other hand are more difficult to deal with, tho.

Either way, you will need to break out the signal so that it travels to the screen as quickly as possible, and gets copied down to the laptop after - otherwise you’ll be introducing lag in to the game for everyone!

Ayt thanks for the input. I’ll wait and see the idea of others, but i do know that this problem is very hard to deal with unless one buys a Hauppage or Roxio Capture Devices.

again thanks

Except for HDMI, it’s pretty easy to find converters that will transfer stuff to composite video, though some of them will introduce lag.

but i doubt Philippines would have a shop has such converters, and if there was such a shop it’d be very very hard to find, so if online buying would be our solution, then maybe Roxio or Hauppage will be the way to go.

ok so far what i’ve gathered is, i need to convert HDMI or Component Video Signal into Composite RCA Video signals. and that more “steps” may introduce lag

Hmm… the more I think about this, the less likely it is that it’s going to work correctly with just a cable.

The issue will be that the PS3 will be set to output at a higher resolution than you are able to capture at, regardless of what you do - You definately need a device to scale down the information, as the S-Video -> Composite cable will just push 720p at the Composite connection, which the capture card is going to take one look at and say “Out of range!”.

by the look of things, finding converters would just be a hassle >.<

ok, i found a new PS3 cable that may solve my issue

it’s basically a PS3 Cable Composite RCA with a split VGA plug. In theory the VGA goes into the Monitor and the Composite goes into the USB capture card device. Now my question is, will this work? and are your friends.

but if it’s online shopping might as well buy Roxio then instead of adding more “step” that may introduce lag.

but i’ve found this on a PC/Game shop earlier:
now im waiting if others can answer the question “will that work on my current setup?”

can i bump this?

That cable you posted to before still won’t get around the issue that the PS3 will be displaying HD, and your caputre card will not be able to process this.

If you want to capture this live, you need another capture card - one that will support HD.