Need help doing crouch dash on stick on 1P

I want to main Kaz or Heihachi, but I cannot do crouch dash on 1P side so that means I can’t use them to their full potential. I can easily do crouch dash, wavedash, EWGF, and all that jazz on 2P side, but it’s near impossible for me to do it on 1P side on stick. I can do it if I press f and slowly and then pause a bit and do d, df, but that’s too slow compared to how fast I can do it on 2P side.

Do I need a new joystick? If so what’s the best joystick for Tekken? I was looking at the Myoungshin Fanta but it doesn’t look like those work on my madcatz TE from the way the plugs look.

Any suggestions?

Practice makes perfect… Just watch Main Man do his magic using his TE: