Need help doing hard trial 1



having trouble with this one.
can manage to do the first 3 parts ok, but cant seem to perform the headbutt. i dont think im charging down long enough,

any help is much appreciated.



Be sure to leave a quick pause between c.MK and c.LK so c.LK and headbutt can connect, just don’t do it too fast

That’s the way I did it with first try: FA Lvl3 -> Dash during the punch -> Press Down, c.MK, quick pause, c.LK xx headbutt


I do the same as Dai Crain…But what also helped me was double tapping.


i play d-pad

  1. i cant do the upper on d-pad, that means i have to use analog
  2. i cant do a headbutt on analog, that means i have to use d-pad

i start off with the d-pad for the first half of the combo and finish it using the d-pad weird but i do what i have to do to get it

u might , be pressing ur buttons to fast/ or accidentally pressing another button also


wow… you need to either get a stick or pick a different game to play. i can’t imagine playing like that.


i do pretty well actually but i have never really played joystick , i was always trash in the arcade , i only play that way with rogs trials, if u play me and u see a upper and a headbutt in the same combo it was some luck that i did it



On topic:

:mp:+:mk: ( count to two-ish ) then input :r::r::d:

Buffering the dash right before the FA hits, the FA lvl.3 will land and the dash will come out automatically giving you more time to charge down. ( if that’s the problem )

Then it’s a matter of linking c.:mk: > c.:lk: xx hp.HB.

Good luck with it on a pad.


if your stuck on a pad i suggest taking time to practice and learn to do all the moves on the d-pad or analog stick. it will give you less to stress over.

trust me with you can get there, heck i first learned how to play dictator on a pad .


thx, seems to work well but dan always blocks the headbutt. guess i need to perform the headbut much quicker. these trials are hard as!


this is what confuses me. i can do the combo, but not at will.
why wont the headbut connect if the mk-lk is too fast?


you can’t cancel into a special move from a chained normal unless its an ex special i believe. to cancel into a special move, the normal has to be linked

the way i link to is to wait to see hit then press…just play around with the timing and you will get it