Need help dual modding the Razer Atrox with ps360+ using the original PCB USB

So, I’ve been trying to work on modding one of these with a PS360+ for obvious reasons. My biggest issue with just using the PS360+ is that there’s really no concrete way to use a detachable cable mount without it being ghetto (taping it, etc). So for this install I would like to keep the Atrox PCB only to use the USB port but be able to use the PS360+ pcb for the actual button setup.

Should I order a Toodles ChImp and link both PCBs together?

I’m also open to suggestions about how I could properly mount the ps360+ rj45 or USB jack.

Dual pole, dual throw switch would work.

greek to me. any tutorials for DPDT?

Dual Modding 101

my bad I didn’t know it was included in there.