Need help executing Ultra/Super please

I just cannot perform his Ultra/Super if my life depended on it with the controller. Getting a TE stick soon fortunately, but this is really giving me problems. Thanks in advance for answering.

This has been covered tons around here, but anyway, instead of focusing on just hitting the three points (df, db, uf) listed as the input for the move, you can roll the stick from db to df, then backwards in a reverse tiger knee motion (i.e. charge db, then roll the stick through d, df,d,db,b,ub). Should probably make things easier for you doing it that way.

Thanks. And sorry if it’s been covered like a billion times and I asked.

It’s really hard on the controller, especially to execute quickly. When you get your stick it’ll work smoothly and so much faster.

Sort of funny, but I actually have kind of forgotten the super/ultra.

Situation came up twice last night playing when I could have caught with an ultra but it had been so long since I used one I bricked it both times.

It is so useless online that I never even think of it.

On pad it’s way easier to do it on the analog stick.

It’s really not. It wouldn’t kill you to actually try it on the controller before you assume it’s only easy to do on the stick.

…but it really is. The square gate on the stick gives you a guide to slide across. It’s easier to execute more accurately, and definitely faster for me.

I agree with both Dragon and Megadeth, somehow.

D-pad is very viable, never tried it on the analog stick. I actually feel like my super ultra timing was better on six-axis.

Square gate on my hrap3 makes it very easy to confirm the bottom two corners and then jut snap up. Flipside is finding how lenient the inputs are: Somewhere in these threads is a list of the input requirements for the super/ultra.

i can execute it almost perfectly on the ps2/ps3 pads… joystick is easier though. guile’s super is much easier to perform compared to SF2

i usually forgot that guiles ultra comes out late so i press the uf or ub + kkk too fast leaving me with a whiffed jump kick. my advice would be to use dpad imo its more quick responsive than anlog and yea its for the xbox controller. i first practiced to do the db - df - db properly. then the uf+ kkk can be linked when u feel comfortable.

guiles ultra is not so applicable but doesnot mean u dont use. the revenge guage is there dont let it go waste. mistakes happen often by urself and the opponent as well. so use it at right time for a good comeback.

:shock: really? I can’t do Sonic booms precisely and never to Flash Kick using Dpad.

Let alone ultra/super…

I actually started using the super and ultra again after breaking the habit of feeling like I HAD to use it every time it was stored.

It is still a garbage ultra, but nice to catch people with it after a FK or the occasional close fireball/Rog rush punish. Even had a couple FADC to ultra through fireballs (maybe 3 out of 15 attempts).

You should watch Fujisawa tourney vid, he is good in mindgames to land his ultra

I will definitely check out his vids. Thanks!