Need help FAST! i'm about to buy an arcade stick today and need to know


so i have to buy one today and i have 2 choices…
which one is better assuming i can get either one for the same price?

Hori Real Arcade PRO. V3 SA Kai Fighting Stick for XBox 360


mad catz Street Fighter vs. Tekken Arcade Fightstick Pro Cross for xbox 360.

please help asap,


I’d rank them about the same honestly. MadCatz has a better reputation here so I’d probably go with them, but there’s not a huge difference between the two products. Pick whichever you like more. It’s really a coin flip.


ok thanks… but i forgot to ask this question… i really hate wires… so i reseached and found only 1 wireless stick… which is tekken 6 stick… but people say they are crappy?
is there any ‘good’ wireless stick?


There is not a good wireless stick (that I’m aware of). You could mod your own technically or buy one that’s pre-modded for that function.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot. You could buy your fighting games on WiiU and do it that way. WiiU has Injustice and TTT2 (and I guess TvC in Wii mode). The MadCatz sticks for Wii/WiiU are pretty much wireless.


i have no idea how to do it and i don’t even know how to solder so only option is buying a pre-modded wireless stick, right?
where can i buy/find these pre-modded wireless ones?


You’re better off just getting one of those two original sticks. Otherwise, it’ll cost a ton. If it’s your first stick, just pick one of them and try it out. The wires aren’t really that bad, unless you’re sitting, like, 50 feet away from your TV.


how is this one?



doesn’t have real arcade parts in it. objectively crappy for that reason.
$145 for a used stick with non-arcade parts just to not have a wire coming out of it, oy vey…


ok then… if i buy one of those 2 sticks originally posted, how much would it cost me to convert it to wireless one? is it even possible?


Just get a wired. If it really makes that much of a differnce, I’m sure a modder can make it wireless for you. Also, it’s not a KAI, but…


Well, one they’re both about $140 (I found a $40 HRAP pro on Ebay, not KAI, but meh) and I’m assuming it’d be at least $110 more to get it wireless, if you give it a modder. I’m not sure how much it’d be on its own.


You can post in the Trading Outlet to see if anyone has a wireless modded stick for sale.


if i pay a modder to make it wireless, will there be a slight lag compared to wired sitcks?


Wireless will only make you handicapped.


why is that? because it will lag?


Many wireless sticks lag, but not all will. It’s not good for tournament play, but it’s okay if you just want to play at home. You’re not gonna be “handicapped” playing with a wireless stick.


Get the Mad Catz Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Fightstick Pro Cross for xbox 360.

The thing about wireless is this, far as the Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless game pad, Sony Dualshock 3 & Six Axis and the Nintendo Wii Remote are all examples of Good Wireless Controllers.
They are perfect for home use. Those Hori wireless Arcade controllers controllers are at best crap and at worst needs to be burned to ashes then have a Catholic Priest perform an exorcism on the ashes.

Now for Tournaments, you have little to no options if your battery dies at a tournament. The Tournament organizers are not required to load you a charge cable, or give much time to look for new batteries or a replacement controller. If a battery dies in a middle of a match, plain and simple you just forfeit that match. Many Tournaments flat out bans the use of Wireless controllers. Wired controllers are NOT known to lag, they do not suffer from the risk of batteries dying. Evo Flat out bands the Sony Dualshock 3 and Sixaxis controllers or any other controller that does not need a dongle to connect wirelessly. Now Evo allows Dual Shock 3 controllers that has been specially modified to have there bluetooth wireless transmitted permanently disabled so you are forced to use a USB cord.


Any specific reason you say the Mad Catz over the Hori?
Im looking at these exact same stick and I am really on the fence. There is only a $10 difference. The biggest thing that sticks out to me is the extra inch of space between the buttons and the joystick on the Hori.

I dont mean to thread jack but i figured its best to continue on this conversation that create a whole new thread.


Read the conversation - it’s because he’s referring to Hori’s wireless sticks, which are crap.


i would go for the Hori stick, and just because their spacing with the stick and buttons is better imo. I have the Hori SCV stick and I love all the room it gives me while the MCZ TE stick I own has the stick and buttons fairly close. Not close enough to where you’re hands will interfere with one another (depends on the way you hold your stick) but it’s just annoying.