Need help FAST


I REALLY hate to do this but I need to figure something out QUICK. I don’t have hours to do research so ANY help is greatly appreciated!

Im new here and I have an option to buy a PS3 Tournament Stick that will be used on my PC for SFIV and other fighting games and arcade games(Emulators).

Do these work on the PC out of the box due to the USB? Or would it be better to find a Xbox version? I did see where I can mod the board inside so I might do this if I have to…

I have to decide on this stick soon since its on sale and the seller is holding it for me to make a decision.



Xbox 360.

Or this.


another question is how much?


This guy wants $50 for a mint condition 1st ver TE stick… Its just PS3 and that’s why I need to decide in less than an hour if I want it.


Wow. That’s a good deal. If you’re feeling crafty, you could replace the madcatz PCB with a Cthulhu. Then it works on all OS, too.


Yeah I wanted to avoid that and was hoping it was Plug n Play but I am handy with a soldering iron due to being into RC cars so I’m not afraid of soldering up something if needed


agreed… $50 is a good deal


I also play Neo Geo games and shoot em ups like R-Type, Soldner, etc and hope it will work on these as well


$50 is a steal, grab it anyways.
If you part it out you can easily make that $50 back and some more lol.


I dont want to part it out, I just want a real stick to play games on!! I have a 360 controller now and I SUCK at SFIV!! Maybe I just suck period but I really prefer a stick vs. a pad


With Cthulhu, you don’t even need to solder, it has screw terminals pre-installed. I’d snap it up for the case and parts.


Get it quick or I’ll get it myself.
Hurry, I’m on my way.


Yeah think I will… Thanks guys for all your help… I appreciate it! Once I get it I want to look up at some of the mods out there… Unless the Cthulhu board is a “mod” or if there are other mods out there… Im such a newb… LOL


jdm714… You in OC???


I’m Westminster.

You need any Services, come to me.


cool… HB here… So do you have a list of the mods that are possible with this controller??? Or does your link list all??


With your PlayStation 3 TE, if you do get it, we can install Cthulhu or your choice of PlayStation 3 Controller, like SIXAXIS.
We can replace or add Multi-Console Cthulhu so you can play old Consoles.
We can Dual Mod to use also with Xbox 360.
We can do anything really.


Ok… as soon as I hear from the guy and I pick it up, I will be hitting you up…


What if I pick up first?


Awww cmon… Im not working and cant afford a new one or I’d have one already!! :stuck_out_tongue: