Need Help few general questions and a few Ryu questions


I am fairly new to the scene started playing the game with the release of super and its my first fighting game, i am generally a computer gamer so bare with me please.

If some questions are unanswerable because of my lack of understanding of the game mechanics then it would be much appreciated if you could fill me in.

Ive watched videos and read explanations of links and cancels but still have a few clarification questions

1.) ive practiced my Cmp into fireball to 99% succession rate but when i try to combo it (JMK,Clp x2, Cmp into fireball) i can only seem to pull off the cancel 50% of the time often times i miss the cancel with the medium punch and the fireball comes late

Am i simply missing the Medium punch into cancel fireball or is it because i am mashing my link from CLP to CMP that it screws with my cancel later on?

2.) Can a normal be cancels if it whiffs?

More specific to ryu i have looked around and couldn’t find an answer, what options does ryu after a connected overhead, what mix ups (if any) etc…

Also ive seen the most used punish combo is forward fierce crouching fierce into DP, i can get the forward fierce into crouching fierce but my dp isnt even coming out i know its slightly more advanced combo for someone of my skill level to be trying but i cant even get it out once even in training. is there something i am doing wrong or is my execution just that bad?

thanks for your time


with the Crouching jabs into the crouching medium. yeah, you’re prolly just mashing the link. There should be a slight pause in between the last cr. lp, and the cr. mp, from there just cancel the MP into the fireball.

As for overheads? You mean forward Medium punch? I’m not too sure about that, I never found out about anything I could do after collar bone breaker, sometimes I did like 2 in a row, but aside from that, I’m not too sure. Unless you meant aerial attacks, in which case there are plenty of stuff such as cr. mk into fb, or srk and such.

As for forward fierce into cr. fierce into DP, I’m not sure if that combo is possible, is it? If it is, just keep trying to get the timing down, try it going at a faster pace, and then if that doesn’t work, then go slower. if it doesn’t combo, then just do forward fierce into the fierce DP.

Hope this helps.