Need help fighting dhalsim




this dhalsim player absolutely annihilated me and i had no clue what to do
can anybody give me some tips for this matchup?

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You seem to be playing HIS game, dont use TAPs because sim can easily read and counter those with a number of normals. Don’t waste ex uppers, as those are serious tools. From 1.10-1.24, you could throw in a headbutt to try and catch his string pressure, but patience really is key, focus the limbs when you need to get in without getting hit, but don’t rush in.


this is really useful, thanks


-You jump too much. A Sim in a lot of circumstances can completely avoid, punish or reposition himself when you do this, even if you do it on his wakeup (If you’re no good at option selects to catch dashes and/or teleports on said wakeup) - If you do it point blank you can be AA’d or he can even slide under you and ruin your charge. STAY GROUNDED.

-Not one single teleport was punished by you - Another reason jumping is bad as he can freely teleport without any way to punish it. He was jumping around and teleporting like mad, freely, and you were either too busy doing random focusses or in midair. STAY GROUNDED and use focus sparingly - He can punish fireball absorbs with limbs if you’re too close, and if too far he can teleport in for pressure if you absorb from full screen. You see him try to teleport behind you? You unleash a CS.FP into his face, move close while he’s air-recovering, then pressure him. You cannot do this if you’re performing something else.

-You burned meter like nobodies business, sometimes even from mid/full screen. You simply cannot and SHOULD NOT, try to close the gap on a Sim with specials if he’s in a position to react. The only time you can actually do this is when he uses sniper as he cannot then perform anything until he lands. Overhead/Jumping Snipers can be punished (AFAIK you can punish just by unleashing Ultra) as he can’t do anything until he hits the ground, but only against Overhead Snipers (When they jump back and instantly sniper [He then cant do anything as he floats up and back down to the ground when he does this], anything else is safe in most cases).

Dhalsim is one of those frustrating matches - But ironically it’s in Balrog’s favour. The simple reason being he has no answer for a Balrog pressure when Balrog is in Dhalsims personal space, your normals and footsies beat his, he can’t cope with jab pressure, his escape (Teleport) can be punished and Balrog is a tank while Dhalsim has atrocious health and stun, so you have more room for error than he does. You can TAP, Throw, Ultra, Super and Headbutt through his U1 and not many use U2 (If they do, this can be avoided too and is mostly just used as a reaction to bad “gap closing” specials.

Think of it like a Guile match. Dhalsim will be looking to zone you out with fireballs and AA any attempts to jump them - There are safejumps as well as jumps that punish AA attempts if spaced right, but jump should be used sparingly for above reasons.

It’s your job to push him into the corner and pressure him. Meter should be saved for fireball reaction if you’re in a position where you may not stuff it with a normal - An EX RU into a headbutt Ultra combo through a bad fireball or a bad use of limbs can be game changing but thats no excuse to throw them out randomly. TAP is always ALWAYS tempting as it can work, but thats even worse than using an EX. If Sim tries to get breathing space with a teleport he should always, ALWAYS, be eating a fierce punch every single time [when he teleports behind you], which is the only one that’ll work if he’s cornered. You can punish a regular teleport in the corner with whatever you like if they make that mistake.

Use neutral jumps with wiggle to push forward when out of AA range. If he’s spewing out a lot of fierce limbs, dance in and out of the range and with some prediction you can sweep him from fullscreen. Get the life-lead if possible and be PATIENT - Afterall thats what he has to do as he cannot rush you down. Sim wants the life lead so he can play keep away. You can do the same to him, too.


thanks for the help!
im going to try apply all of this now and challenge this dude again


Wake up eat some raw eggs and punch that beef!


…really good tips by RopeDrink. Would have been VERY nice in the matchup thread…the one where we talk about matchups. I’ll happily repost all of this thread into the matchup thread if you guys can continue it there.




He really does make it look easy. Dat dash ultra.


Just reinforces the point - Anything from Balrog is going to sting like hell whereas Dhalsim would have to land a lot of, say, counterhit limbs or a Super to do any noticeable damage. If Dhalsim tries to rushdown Rog he’s in for a world of hurt, so it’s all keepaway. Balrog only has to get in and a few calculated moves with often even it up or put it right back in your favour. It’s when you get impatient and start throwing out tonnes of punishable moves like random TAPs / Dashes / Headbutts or fail to keep him in the corner that you’ll just get torn a new ass thanks to your own frustration trying to get him again.

It’s very hard to stay focussed though when a Sim has you cough “At arms length” cough all the time - I may be spewing out advice here but I also get pretty aggravated when it feels like nothing I’m doing is getting me closer and I also throw out the odd random move trying to close the gap. It’s better to sit back and eat chip fireballs while trying to push forward than it is eating fireballs, ex-fireballs and limbs by throwing out specials or bad focus absorbs.

That opening round was great, CLK right into a special right off the bat showed Champ that PR was willing to try hit limbs - Nothing annoys a Sim more than when you sweep his fierce limb spam from fullscreen then triple dash right into his space during the UTK. Once you get in there’s not a whole lot Sim can do assuming you don’t jump too much, just keep up with jab pressure, if he tries to sneak in a teleport to get behind you, headbutt (with charge) or a standing fierce punch to the face and re-pressure. His normals will normally trade (In your favour) or get stuffed by jabs allowing for combos and just pound him to death.

Nice video to show it all in one.


RopeDrink is very right. Walk him into the corner and keep him there like you would guile by walking forward and blocking repeatedly. Once cornered, stand at the range where you can punish him for telporting out like you would akuma. Focus dash fwd is ur best friend in this match. Couple advanced things in this match that will help if you can do them are: 1) OS TAP on his wake up to beat teleport. its weird to do at first but very useful here. 2) if you are out, stand just outside HP range and dance back and forth. You can whiff punish it’s recovery on reaction if you practice it. You can see PR Rog attempt to do this quite a bit vs Sim.

IMO this is a hard match.