NEED HELP! Fightpad keeps shutting off/going out and I need it to work!


Hello all, so I have a madcatz fightpad that I have been using for about a year when all of a sudden when I am playing, the controller will randomly disconnect. I have no Idea why it started doing this, and it doesn’t happen when I’m not moving it and it doesn’t happen like every 5 seconds, just enough to be very annoying (about once per match). I have come to the conclusion that I would not be able to take it to a tournament if this were to keep happening so I need to fix it ASAP! I think it might be the wiring actually leading into the base of the controller, but I could be wrong. I have soldering experience, but I don’t have enough time to order something special (like another fightpad). So can you please help me out? I can post pics if necessary. Thanks!


I bet you wrap the cord around the pad…

open, cut the cord, resolder… and stop wrapping the cord.


I only do that when I travel, but you might have a point. Brb Checking


Yeah it seems like it’s coming out. Gonna try to cut n solder now.


Tried it, it made it better but it didn’t fix it completely. Gonna try and glue the wires down so that they won’t move off of the pcb, which I think is the problem.


you could try a different USB cord if it keeps disconnecting. The extent of the damage to the cord might not be evident.