Need help finding a Cammy and Balrog Avatar


I am new to (as well as forums in general) and am interested if anyone can help me regarding an avatar.

I need an avatar with both Cammy and Balrog (Boxer) in. And it needs to have my forum name “Camrog” written on it somewhere. (Random Idea: On Balrogs belt) It does not need to be flashy or animated. It just needs to do the job.

I would do it myself but I have no idea what I am doing.

Many thanks in advance.


Any links to pictures and/or sprites that you would like used in the avatar?

I have found a sprite of Balrog’s Crazy Buffalo on his Strategy Wiki page which can be found at

Annoyingly I have only been able to find standing sprites of Cammy and it is available at

I think if the background is the Balrog stage from SSF2 it would look good. I will try and find a link to the stage background in the next day or so.

Perhaps the “Camrog” could be written where the “Golden Nugget” is normally written. Is this doable? Or maybe it might look silly I am not sure. It sounds good in my head though.

Many thanks in advance


Many thanks KidZero. I love the avatar.

You’re welcome. Glad you like. :smile: