Need help finding a certain combo for Vergil

I’ve trying to create/been looking for a Vergil combo that can level Frank West to Level 4 or 5 when I DHC to him, but without using any OTG assists. Anyone know one that they could share?

Got one.

l,m,low-h, Stinger, Medium Teleport, m, h, XX Spiral Swords. Down Heavy, Vortex Slash L, Shoryuken motion Medium. Pick up opponent, Maximum Vergil. While opponent is still high in the air, DHC to Frank, Take a picture. Should net you Level 4.

Any combo where you save ground bounce till the end (obviously the longer the combo, the more hits), at the end do a lunar phase, while they bounce, you raw tag Frank and camera. Saves you a meter for doing a pointless DHC to get him in, might as well use that meter for Vergil’s combo.

I run Vergil with Frank right behind and no OTG assists. There are many ways to do this but here are the ones I found most effective thus far.

L (Charge) M cH Stinger Trick Medium HSH (release Charge) SH Vortex Slash S jM jH jS High tide Demension slash.
Builds one meter so from the gate you get to DHC

If I get the shopping cart assist to hit and teleport, I’ll go:

L (charge) M cH Spiral Swords Lunar Phase (release charge) sH Lunar Phase
This causes a ground bounce and you can raw tag frank in for a snapshot. This one is very easy and will get FW level 4 but only if the shopping cart assist hits.

You can add more to the second combo. Spiral Swords->Lunar Phase->round trip->SH judgement cut L->Lunar phase.

I actually found one with my team of vergil/frank/wesker.

Bit of a side project from my normal dante/frank/wesker.

Basically, 2b,2c, 3c, 63214a, 5b 5c S, BBC2C, assist 3, round trip, 2c xx 236a, 623b. Raw tag in frank, camera super, super, raw tag in frank for lv4

Alt you can do swords instead of lunar phase and then get in two lunar phases and more hits, then raw tag in frank for lv4. It’s easier then the first one. If you start the combo with both round trip and frank assist (happens often enough) then you’ll get level 5. You can probably do more during the swords super, but I’m a scrub and just do two round trips, or helm breaker loop into one lunar phase if I think it’s going to drop (outside of corner).

Keep in mind this is with wesker assist. Just find a way to not waste a ground bounce till the end of a combo and you should have something useful.

I wonder if this actually connects better, cause the one I do still whiffs occasionally. I don’t even know why I never thought about adding SH Judgement cut.