Need Help Finding a Flash Game

I friend of mine brought up a game I had linked him too many years back that I actually got from here on SRK. I’ve been searching on everything I can think of for the last hour and have found absolutely nothing.

Keep in mind this is the greatest game ever LOL. But the game goes like this; you start off playing a knight (I think a knight could be like a warrior or something as well) who moves across the screen and picks up a sword or something. Once the sword is picked up, that’s it game over and really long credits scroll for a good while for the 3 seconds of game you just played. It was hilarious. I’m trying to show it to some other friends of mine but I can’t find.

Anybody know the name or where I can find this “game”?


Found it.


WOW at the song, longest intro to a game ever LOL

No thats not it :frowning: I wanna say the game played The Glory of Love for the credits song.


I found it, kinda. I remember it having a different intro though. Either way fuck this game is hard and you grab a crown not a sword.


try this one

burn the rope