Need help finding a Marvel issue

Can someone tell me in what issue of what title Sabretooth killed (and apparently partially consumed) Feral, and wounded her sister Thornn? This series is, from what I understand, also the series where Wolverine later decapitates Sabretooth with a sword called the Muramasa.

One thing I hate about Marvel wiki/bio/fansites…when they do a character bio, they mention all the events of that character’s existence, but never tell you what issues events took place in. :mad:

Wolverine (vol. 3) #53-54?

Cool, thanks. Whoa…what ere they thinking when they wrote this? Sasquatch, Feral and Thornn are canine, despite clearly being feline (or…“other”, in the case of Sasquatch)? Are they ret-conning again?

yea. it’s the recent loeb run. i think it was called evolution

Yeah, it’s in the Wolverine: Evolution TPB (or hardcover, I forget). It was a typical crap Loeb story, so I guess he was just thinking how cool it would be to have Wolvie chop Sabretooth’s head off with a katana. The art was beautiful, though. But you probably are better off just reading the Wiki summary than the actual comics.