Need help finding a post + picture of a modified square gate -->

Hey all, I’ve been searching for this post for like an hour and a half with no luck.

Basically its a post a member made showing off his Sanwa gate mod. He filed corners into the left and right sides of the square gate restrictor so he could feel when he was standing + blocking.

All I remember was that everyone after his post flamed him and called him names ect. He posted a pic of the final results and I’m interested in analyzing them.

I’ve searched for “Square gate” Square gate mod" “Sanwa Square gate mod” and some other keywords but I’ve had no luck finding the thread/post.

This is a shot in the dark but I’m hoping someone could help me out here, maybe one of the older members remember’s this post and could give some clues or help find it for me.

Thanks for any help.

Is this the one?

YES! I think thats the exact same post, but I remember seeing the guy post a picture of his modified square gate.

I knew you would be the one to find it jdm lol :smiley: thanks.

Yes, he did post a picture.
I did not save it. :sad:

Now the picture is no more.
He hosted the images on his school (Virgina Tech) account; they are deleted now.

You can contact Sprode, see if he can send you the picture.
Sorry that I do not have it. :sad:

Np jdm, I sent him a pm maybe he will reply. I should’ve saved the pics too :slight_smile:

Thanks man.