Need help finding a TE stick in NYC

I am trying to find a TE stick to purchase next weekend, so I was wondering if anyone on Shoryuken had personally bought a TE from a retail store in the NYC/Manhattan area. I have searched a ton of sites and have had mixed responses from various stores. I would prefer to walk to a store that sells TE’s than order online.

I work on 50th and Broadway so if anyone knows a retail store nearby, not necessairily a large one like Gamestop, where I can pick up a TE for the weekend, that would be great.

Thanks and excuse me if I posted in the wrong board…

Edit: I would prefer to buy a 360 TE stick but a PS3 stick would work as well.

Jefferson Vly Mll Gs
650 Lee Boulevard
Suite G-10
Yorktown, NY 10598
(914) 245-1503 Open
Mon-Sat 10am-9:30pm
Sun 11am-6pm

Hamden Plaza
2100 Dixwell Avenue
Suite #286
Hamden, CT 06514
(203) 288-2681 Open
Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 10am-7pm

The Shops @ Dale Co
385 W Main St
Avon, CT 06001
(860) 674-1459 Open
Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 11am-6pm

All of them are PS3 sticks sold by Gamestop. Only ones I could find in the store locator

Hey thanks for the help! Someone messaged me and mentioned videogamesny for a Quanba Q4 stick so I’m going to call them and see about their availability.

Next Level arcade in Brooklyn had one or two available the last time I was there. I can’t be sure of which console they were for by they do do duel mods there.

You could give them a call just ask them on there facebook page to find out.!/NextLevelArcade