Need help finding an image...*female shotos*

its an image drawn by fred perry.

its a group pick of ken,gouki and ryu, as females, its not porn or indecent, i just cant find the pic anymore…if anyone could link me to it id greatly appreciate it…

on top of that, if anyone can find any other decent illustrations of the shotos as females id be much obliged^_^

sorry if this was the wrong way to post this…

Check/ask here brotha.

Here’s Ken:

:wonder: That’s all I got… dood.

good shit!:slight_smile: thx…

I’ve got akuma. … and a bunch of others characters if you want, but I’ve never seen Ryu. . .

post em all!:slight_smile: but why does shegouki have fusion earings on? anticipates reply involving sf/dbz crossover story :confused: but how?

awesome pic, her right sleeve is missing,though.

google nekkeau

:u: :homrun:

We have a winner.

:wonder: That’s because her shirt is opened… dood.

:wonder:…i knew that…

everybody else is like:shake:

awesome! i found alot of good stuff, but i have yet to find ryu, i think his DA account got hacked…

could you guys add some more? I know there are other artists but i cant find them! :<